67mm Magnetic Variable ND2-ND32 (1-5 Stop) Lens Filters NO X Spot, NANO X Series

SKU: KF01.1851

I have 7 lenses. Could I buy 6 base rings? If so what is the cost of each ring?
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see you have chosen the K&F Concept system which comes with a 77mm mounting ring. You need to see what port sizes your 7 lenses are if they are all the 77mm which I doubt you can use all 7 lenses with this system. For the lenses that don't have the 77mm mounting ring size, you need to buy an adapter from 77mm to the size of your lens mounting ring. Note that if you have a lens with, for example, an 82mm diameter for the mounting ring, you cannot use the 77mm K&F Concept system and will need to upgrade to a larger size that is the same size as your largest lens. Each adapter ring from K&F Concept would cost around $65.