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77mm Nano-X MRC ND1000 Filter

  • Product Code: KF01.896
  • Brand: K&F Concept
  • Buy K&F Concept 77mm nano-x mrc nd1000 filter online, check price and product reviews from K&F official store.
  • 45.99
$75.99 $45.99    5 3 Review(s) Add your review
  • • Imported optical glass, top level of transmittance, no colour cast; Aviation aluminum alloy frame,super slim and lightweight, avoiding vignetting on wide angle lenses. Extra tough frame ensuring durability and jamming prevention.
  • • Reduce the amount of light by 10 degrees, long-time exposure edge tool;Multi-coated nano filter, effectively reduce the light refection of the surface, improve image quality.
  • • Waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective green coating, effectively prevent from oil, fingerprint,scratch, protect valued lens.
  • • Hard coated multicoating process suppresses ghosting, flare and reflections, and increase light transmission; Can be used to achieve super slow shutter speeds in daylight to render moving subjects invisible
  • • Enables slow shutter speeds to be used to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, providing a silky smooth affect to flowing water.
Why Choose K&F Concept? 

1.Professional camera accessories manufacturer. 

2.Dedicated to provide products in high quality. 

3.All items meet Environmental Standards of RoHS, premium picked up.
Product Function 

• It is the perfect filter for capturing the motion of water by reducing light intake and allowing a slower shutter speed. 

• It also facilitates a wider aperture allowing a shallow depth of field all without affecting the colour balance of the image.
Product Feature 

• Digital multi-coated filters greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections. 

• Filters feature a black matte aluminum satin finish alemite frame which reduces reflections.These filters are equipped with black rimmed glass to reduce the chance of light reflecting off the edge. 

• Ultra thin filter frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses are also designed to hold a lens cap. 

• These filters are equipped with a straight knurling edge for non-slip, easy attachment and removal. 
Compatible Models: 

• Compatible camera lens with 77mm thread 

What's in the Package: 

• 1 X Nano-X MRC ND1000 

NOTE: This kit is compatible with all 77mm lenses ONLY,Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. 

This number is always preceded by a "ø"(diameter) symbol.
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Overall Rating 5 All Reviews
77mm Nano-X MRC ND1000 Filter
Five Stars
Perfect for the eclipse for which I bought it!
77mm Nano-X MRC ND1000 Filter
Great glass ND1000 with good multicoating
This is a true multi coated glass ND filter and works just like you would expect. Yes, it IS actually glass as opposed to the cheaper plastic / resin filters. The multi coating effectively reduces reflections, which you can verify by looking at the lens like a mirror since it makes bright white lights reflect as dull green. There is no strange color cast and images are just as sharp as without the filter. I don't notice any more reflections or flare when using the filter but I do see slight vignetting at wide angles and large apertures (17mm f/2.8). Even though ND1000 is a 10-stop filter, I had to adjust by 10 1/3 stops to match the exposure of an image without the filter, but that's okay because it's easy enough to compensate.WAY better than the cheap plastic / resin filters you get in cheap kits.(FYI, I Bought this on 'the Bay' from seller kf_concept_us and it shipped from China for about half the Amazon cost.)
77mm Nano-X MRC ND1000 Filter
Five Stars
Glad I got this after a few shots got it right and my pictures look great
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