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I finally had a chance to set this up. I didn't set it up too deep in the woods so I was able to use the wifi setting. There are some settings you'll need to play around it first to see what works best for you.
Appears to be all around fabricated and strong. I put it on time-pass mode (erroneously) the main evening and it took almost 500 pics. Great picture quality at the cost and simple set up. Likewise love the way that you can audit the photos from one or the other right on the camera its self and ready to utilize the WiFi camera survey to ensure I have the ideal picture sight.I enjoyed the nature of development, brilliant picture quality and the night vision mode at last assist me with distinguishing who for sure was eating the organic product off of my pear tree! A groundhog!! I had no clue they could climb a treeThe movement identification and the night vision combo makes this an extraordinary expansion in your hunting tool stash. You can utilize battery-powered batteries to be considerably more nature agreeable. The case is water safe which makes it an all climate apparatus. The image quality is likewise nice.
Small size is perfect hiding among trees. Pictures are clear and easy to see. Comes with everything for a quick and easy installation. Very pleased.
I recommend setting it up at home and getting used to all the connection settings + the "Game Camera Pro' app before taking it out. It doesn't come w/ memory cards so you'll have to purchase your own. The camelflouge finish is a nice touch.
The app is uploaded to my husband’s phone and he loves it! Unfortunately we haven’t seen any game yet lol! Happy Hunting
This is probably about as easy to use as they could make it. Seems well-built and solid. I put it on time-lapse mode (mistakenly) the first night and it took nearly 1000 pics and used up 75% of the batteries. THe one caveat is that there is a QR code on a sticker inside the camera (and the same one in the manual) -supposed to take you to a site where you can download an app for wifi feature. But the URL is no good. Can probably find it if I try hard enough, but not cool to have a dead link.Also, one more big flaw: It can take an AC adapter (obviously a good idea for time-lapse!), but it's not included! I have a number of adapters floating around but none that qualified. 6V @ 2A (2 amps is a tall order). It would be fine if it was standardized (i.e. USB), but to require a specific current and not provide an adapter loses another star.
These cameras are not perfect but this one works just fine. I’ve had mixed results pretty it this one is very good.
It works as described
Bought it for the WiFi connection…App was downloaded & cannot get it to connect.
I use this unit as security camera in my front yard where there is no power access. It did the job also the camouflage well in the woods.I wish it could have power adapter plug that I don't have to replace battery. Really wanted to give 4 star but I used it in a way not designed to be. It's my issue not the camera