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It has an excellent camera, especially for up close and personal looks.
Flexible endoscope with somewhat rigid camera tube Flexible endoscope with somewhat rigid camera tube Flexible endoscope with somewhat rigid camera tube
As a home inspector, my toolbox includes a variety of testing and measuring tools: screw drivers, nut drivers, framing square, concrete and wood moisture meters, temperaturehumidity meters, multi-meters, GFCI & AFCI testers, infrared and probe thermometers, binoculars and a couple of really nice digital cameras to document the appearance of the residence or structure.

Two hands required for a thermal temperature picture, one holding a digital IR thermometer directed at the object while aligning the camera with my other hand to “capture” the reading works well enough; however, a lightweight IR camera attachment to my cell phone is quicker and gives my client a true visual representation of temperature variance.

During a recent home inspection with the house temperature set at 75 and the exterior temperature 61 (picture 1), I felt a breeze several inches away from the chipped plaster above the receptacle and wanted to know more. Placing my anemometer meter at the opening, a 3 mph wind speed was recorded, the draft I felt several inches away. A wide view of the wall was provided by the K&F Concept IR camera that displayed a 9 degree wall temperature difference within 24” inch span (lack of or missing insulation). Removing the cover and receptacle (outlet), I was able to easily insert the lens for a look behind the wall. As the pictures captured, there was no insulation directly behind the receptacle box, above (bent the lens cable upward) and below using the side view camera. The red, yellow, blue, green IR picture is the outside (fiber cement siding). The exterior outlet aligns with the cold spot to the right of the interior outlet and the blue in the upper right corner is the interior outlet. I did not attempt to locate the source of the air leakage, annotating in my report further evaluation by a licensed contractor for options and cost. The nine pictures provided by the K&F Concept and IR camera provide a more comprehensive visual understanding than a mere draft from the outlet.

What is the water bottle for?
I drilled a hole on each end, passed the cable through secured with tape making a lens “stand off” for better observation looking in HVAC duct. With the rounded bottle, I’ve gone 14 feet without getting stuck.

The IR camera comes in a protective small semi-hard case, easy to use with the ability to annotate comments directly onto each picture.

The scope is lightweight and easy to use. All functions (picture, video, light, etc.) controlled by your thumb, except for the side view camera switch which is at the base of the cable. Packaged in a protective hard plastic case, with two metal latches and top and bottom foam padding cut to fit the cable, camera, USB cable and three included lens attachment options is more than adequate. A small magnet, 90 degree mirror and hook to fish wire, or “I dropped my ring in the drain” recovery tool are nice additions.

Providing two options for image transfer (one via the provided USB cable or by removing the mini SD card) gives the user flexibility.

As a home inspector, having a “third eye” is nice to answer any lingering questions regarding temperature and other issues: wall cavities, HVAC units, duct, vents, smoke chamber, chimney…

Adding the K&F Concept infrared thermal camera attachment to my tool inventory will allow more accurate reporting. Well worth the investment.
Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors Helpful for home inspectors
I purchased this after reading the reviews and also because I needed a long camera flex scope. I had to travel to CT from NC to survey a trimaran that was interested in purchasing and did indeed purchase. I specifically needed to inspect the stainless chainplates that secure the mast shrouds. This was a racing rig and this securement is super critical and needs to be well inspected. Of course they were inaccessible expect in one had a camera endoscope type device, which I did. I hadn't even tested the Tesslong out before the flight but I did charge it up. I was super simple to use. The cable is indexed for proper orientation. Attach and turn it on and put it to work ! Super clear images well lit also ! I high recommend for any type of mechanical inspection. You will need a micro sd adapter card for a few dollars to view your saved photos on a computer. Plastic instrument doesn't seem to be made of high impact plastic or rubber coated plastic so I would handle it with care. The case is high impact plastic and the instrument is well protected in the case. Battery life seemed well within what I need for the days work.
super sharp image ; long flex camera; very easy and intuitive to use super sharp image ; long flex camera; very easy and intuitive to use
The K&F Concept is an endoscope camera with two lenses. It is supplied with a sturdy hard case.

In addition to the actual endoscope camera, consisting of an approximately cell phone sized control panel (with 5" screen) and mounted endoscope tube, there is a charging cable (USB 3), a mountable support for the control panel, a magnetic attachment and a hook attachment for the camera as well as a quick start guide in various languages.

Basically, I find the endoscope camera good, the processing, the accessories and also the control panel and its operation make a very high-quality impression. Anyone who is often instructed to carry out inspections in narrow areas in the private or commercial sector is well served by the system. For a quick inspection or a search, the resolution of the camera system is quite sufficient in the private sector. However, if you want to document a damage with pictures or work in the commercial sector, you will definitely want a higher resolution of the camera and a further recording distance of the lens system. Despite all this, I still give it the full 5 stars.
Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera Versatile endoscope camera
As an HVAC technician I can honestly say that this tool has been one of my best investments i have ever purchased at such a low cost. I own a $1300 combustion analyzer yet this $150 tool helps me make more money in the field. I primarily use this camera to inspect heat exchangers. I have purchased 6 cameras within the last 10 years including other K&F Concept models and this camera beats them all by a land slide! The camera cable itself has durable Material and will not get cut by metal. The cable is also very flexible yet sturdy enough to bend in the position you want it to take a proper picture. The picture quality is literally unbelievable compared to what iv used in the past. You can clearly identify things that are less than 1/4” long and a millimeter thin. Make sure you adjust the date before sending pictures over to customers though! You’ll get screwed! Lol. But yes if you do hvac and want to do a thorough check in heat exchangers this is your tool!
Do you do HVAC? You need this! Do you do HVAC? You need this! Do you do HVAC? You need this! Do you do HVAC? You need this!
This camera is amazing and provides the exact image you need when working behind walls. I just bought a house and had no idea what was behind the wall so I could cut out and place a new TV on the built in wall cabinet. This camera has saved me a lot of money and extra work. Both of my friends who helped me with the setup purchased their own cameras after using my kentfaith Camera.
I absolutely LOVE this camera. I purchased this product to help me find an oil leak in a hard to see area on a diesel engine. This is a complete unit with great menus that allow you to take photos and shoot/play video. Both videos and photos are saved to the included SD card. Video playback is available on the portable monitor and also with audio. The screen is positional, making it very easy to set up to allow hands-free use while working. There is also a very useful and very bright light that you can easily turn on from the portable unit. The camera head also has an adjustable LED light to help get a clear image of what you're looking at and makes for great work in dark areas too. I found the camera's sharpness to be very clear and detailed, so there's no doubt about what you're looking at, and the 6-level LED brightness adjustment helps a lot. Comes with easily replaceable rechargeable batteries. The camera is quite small and great for getting into tight spaces. It comes with screw, magnet and hook attachments which really add to its usefulness. The autofocus works very, very well, which makes the image quality exceptional. The second 1080p HD lens on the side of the probe eliminates the need for a mirror attachment when looking inside a tube. Switching between cameras is as easy as simply pressing a button on the end of the cable. Add the image rotation menu option and you have the perfect combination for excellent viewing angles. I have to say that this product performs well outside of its competitors in its price range.
A great item to buy works great for getting good views, high quality images be sure to put a protective cover on the camera lines. I did this and accidentally broke the mines hoping the company could send a replacement.
Came with a nice detailed compartment case. Easy to use !
Definitely recommend this !!
This is exactly what I needed