• 29.99
Overall Rating 5   4
These are so easy to use and perfect for my Youtube and TikTok channels. I do interviews with people and it makes it super nice to be able to just plug the receiver in, put the mics on our shirts and get going. No wires or anything. The quality is better than what I get on my phone alone so I'm super happy with that. I haven't had the chance to extensively test the battery life with these but so far the batteries have lasted through the entirety of all my interactions.
They worked and canceled out the wind in an interview I did outside with a bike rider I rode next to riding down the road… so there was lots of wind noise but it almost all canceled out. Impressive at the default level 1.I’m picky but I spent years in broadcasting with professional microphones in radio and television … the frequency response isn’t as good as I would expect from my iPhone microphone which is excellent. These mics are at the lower end of the wireless microphone price points and it shows with a bit of a compromise in audio quality.When you play it back you become acclimated to the thinner slightly tin like sounding audio but if you’re just doing voice and not music like I do it seems adequate.They were better than other wireless mics I have tried that were in this price range.The batteries held up nicely for over an hour of use.It’s really great that you have two mics so that the interviewer and the interview subjects audio match.Nice that they sent you an extra set of clips because they’re plastic and not metal like professional grade mini Mics and that way you have two spares in case you break some going over a piece of large fabric or a zipper trying to clip them on to an interview subject.
Very simple mic setup with my iPhone. Ordered it to do quick vlogs and interviews. A+ communication from seller. He answered all me questions.
The sound quality is excellent! For a long time I have been looking for a product that offers me quality, ease of use and that is light. I love this mic. I have made many travel videos and interviews and it is the best on the market. 100% recommended.