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Ja super!
Ik kan nu video's opnemen met de Sony A7IV en de Sony 200-600 mm op een zomerse dag in de zon.
Door te draaien aan het filter wordt het beeld op de camera direct lichter of donkerder.
De hoes vind ik wel te groot, past niet in je spijkerbroekzak op je kont, dus moet mee in jaszak of een tas.
Heb nu een cd blik gevonden waar deze met wat bubbelfolie perfect in past en zo mee kan in mijn broekzak.
Il like the fact it's sturdy and well made . It's easier to remove than other filters.

For the price , I'd say it's a very nice alternative to much more expansive filters. It's kind of an in-between suitable for most of scenarios . Instead you have very very high quality lenses on which you put this filter ... it normally won't lower the image quality or degrade it.

I use it on a Nikon Z6ii camera with some lenses and love it. As far I didn't see a drop in performance instead we much watch a bit more the focus system as it's not a Nikon filter made for Nikon , it's more generic and sometimes ... it can trigger a bit of bad auto-focus if you rely a lot on it. It may be normal so I don't care a lot and in a lot of cases like mine , we're using an external monitor like Ninja V to verify our focus before the shot.

I recommend it . It's a fair alternative to a lot of expansive brands and the coating on it seems to be real . A lot of low cost filters pretend things that are false regarding the coating or other aspects . It doesn't seem to be the case with these K&F ones.

Give a try ... frankly for the price .
Für Filmemacher genau das richtige, denn mit der Abdunklung lässt sich der Shutter Speed beim filmen so reduzieren, dass ein motion Blur Effekt entsteht.
Keine negativen Effekte auf die Qualität oder Schärfe des Bildes zu erkennen.
Excelente calidad de imagen, un poco verde pero en los grados Kelvin uno soluciona eso!
Despite the mention in the description, saying that is not good for wide angle lenses, I purchased it for a Viltrox 16mm f:1,8, EF mount. The results are outstanding across the entire range of the filter. No X cross, no vigneting. At least for this specific lens, the filter is perfect. Is true, the size of the barell is twice the size of the front lens, leaving enough room for any kind of filter.
Great filter glass is clear and it does it's job well. No complaints at all
Use this with step down rings so I don't need one for every lens. K&F is my go-to for filters.
One doesn't have to. The lense filters enhance your hard work with great satisfaction.
The filter is of good quality and fills the desired expectations.
This is a great product. The packaging is super and it sets onto the lens excellently. I love it!