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Overall Rating 4.9   112
High-quality variable ND filter. Excellent price/quality ratio.
There is no colour cast with this which I was very surprised with. Blue wise its very good but all these things are expensive. The easy to tun the filter due to the "handle" works well in the field but it stops you from connecting the lens hood. Now not that you need a hood but it good to have a hood to work as a protector and the end of the lens is a good parking spot for it for when not needed. I would certainly recommend this product.
As always, delivery was fast and on time. The package includes a stylish protective bag that protects the filter from dust and scratches.
I mainly use the variable gray filter for videography to keep time and aperture constant. The adjustment of the filter is smooth, not too difficult and not too easy; unintentional adjustment is hardly possible. The X that results from variable filters is only slightly visible at the highest level (ND9) and will hardly come into play with videos. I don't use Var for photos anyway. neutral density filter.
Completely adequate for my requirements and therefore recommended.
All reviewers say that the feel of this filter is top notch, but some seem disappointed with the functionality. Maybe I'm just lucky, but the finish and precision is spot on. I've bought two of different sizes and both have great quality and well aligned polarizers (the elements that make it go nighty night), this means that there is no problems with the "cross shadow" (XS). Now, that's a lie! There will always be an XS at some point, but for me this was just before the 8th (last) stop when using it on a wide lense (16mm APSC). Which means that almost the whole range is usable, all that you can ask for with an variable ND filter.
It's a perfect filter with a case. A real pleasure
I haven't tested the product yet, but its' very good 'appearance

seems to be very robust
Loved the little pouch it came in - the quality is evident from the moment you take it out
Perfect for Sony 28mm lens. He provided me with video recordings during the day.
I couldn't keep it but it was an excellent product, Finally the only one where there was no vignetting on the 20mm lens at ND400