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DSLR Camera Travel Backpack for Outdoor Photography 18.9*11.4*6.7 inches

SKU: KF13.080

All I need from a day to day camera bag
I've been a fan of lowepro since I started photography 12 years ago, I was a bit reluctent at first to switch to an other compagnie but the difference in the price tag drove me to try it. Now 8 months in I've been using the bag every day and I am not the kind of person who is "gentel" with is material. The back pack look like it's brand new even if we've been trough ruff places together. The space and arrengement of the compartement is flawless it offer great protection for the gear. The only con I have is that the tripod need to be fix sideways on the bag and it can get a bit in the way some time I personally would have put it upward on the side of the bag. But with this as the only "flaw" of the bag it is not much of a big deal.