82mm ND1000 Filter Brass Frame Multifunctional HD Ultra-Thin 36-Layer Anti-Reflection Green Film Nano-X PRO Series

SKU: KF01.1995

  • 105.99
Overall Rating 5   62
A Top Notch Filter
This is a superb filter. I took several pictures at a nearby lake and a few around town, and the results were outstanding. Colors are far more vibrant, and glares and reflections were greatly reduced or eliminated. And it did all this with no color shifting and no noticeable loss of clarity.

Listen, here's the bottom line, if you're wanting a top-quality filter, you're going to have a hard time finding a better one than this one from K&F. Sure, this Pro Series filter costs a bit more than most, but they're actually worth it. K&F makes top quality products, and I have never been disappointed with a K&F Pro Series purchase.

If you have any questions about this K&F Concept Nano-X Pro Series filter, please feel free to ask, and I'll try my best to answer. I hope you found this review helpful