49mm Black Diffusion Pro-Mist 1/4 + 1/8 Filter Kit Cinematic Effect Filter for Vlog/Video/Portrait Image with 28 Multi-Layer Coated-Nano-X

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  • 53.99
Overall Rating 4.9   144
A great set of diffusion filters
I think people are sleeping on these K&F diffusion filters. I have been using these for some time and I have been really impressed with them. In fact I see little difference between these and the Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters that cost a heck of a lot more. I mean think about it...these are diffusion filters. They aren't supposed to be perfect. They are meant to give your image a softer look by diffusing the light a bit. They provide some nice bloom to the highlights as well.

The 1/8 strength filter is a great all around filter that I use for a lot of my shoots. I only go to the 1/4 strength one when I am looking for that really dreamy look.
A great set of diffusion filters A great set of diffusion filters A great set of diffusion filters
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tons of options. can do anything with this stuff. No instructions.
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Product was as described and arrived in a timely manner.