[4X Optical Zoom] Recharge power Security Camera PTZ Outdoor for Home Security with Human Detection Auto Tracking-EU Standard

SKU: KF50.0003EU

  • 79.99
Overall Rating 4.8   11
security camera must be plugged into outlet
Fast delivery at such a great price. I enjoy my Ctronics Camera it's the real deal! I purchased it for extra security at my home ever since they broke into my mom's house for extra protection. I have installed it and we are very impressed with this camera. It's so easy to set up and connect via the app. I love that it can rotate and you can see everything on there! I would recommend to anyone!
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Great Speakers at a Great Price
I stalled these speakers in my backyard about 3 years ago. They still sound great. I get a much volume as I think my neighbors can tolerate. For the price you can't get better outdoor speakers.
Good, loud sound
This was a breeze to connect to my iPad. Now I can FaceTime with much better sound, even when I am walking around. I can set up my iPad to play a movie or a TV show while I am relaxing in my new soaking tub and get great sound from this speaker to accompany it. I can take the speaker into the shower with me and listen to the news or music while I bathe. I can set it up and watch a movie on iPad with a friend (while socially distancing, of course) and we both can hear everything. I really like this speaker. It is a REAL bargain!
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EDIT: Vanmass support contacted me and sent me a new replacement product. They even offered me a refund on top of that, but I didn't take it because I did get good use out of the original product before it broke. I have not yet had a chance to try the replacement product yet, but am adding a star for the excellent customer service. Once I'm able to test the new product, I may uptick the rating again if it's good. Thank you for your wonderful service, Vanmass! I feel like you truly appreciate your customers and back your products.Original:I couldn't get the suction mount to work. Good thing it came with a "bonus" vent mount. That one works perfectly for my car (Subaru Forester) and is small enough to where I can angle it further than the new one I got. I got a new one because the sliding expander on this phone holder busted on me and I could not get my phone centered again, so couldn't have it mounted and charging.
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I am on my third string and using these wherever I can: porch, shed, loft of barn. Multiple strings can be connected. So beautiful!
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I got this speaker to disassemble for a gauntlet project I'm working on. Unboxed it, and gave it a test run. On its own, the sound was -booming-. I was surprised the sound quality and volume were so good on such a small speaker with matching price tag. I'd consider using it on its own for a small jobsite speaker, or sat on my desk.I went ahead, to carry on my project, and disassembled it. Very easy to get into. Pry this off here, cut this glue here, soon enough, I had a bare circuit board, speaker, and battery. Slapped it into a 3D printed box I made, and was good to go. Still sounds good in its new housing! I will definitely be buying one of these again for any future projects that need it.
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The motion detection works flawlessly. The light is a warm white that manages to provide perfect visibility at night without being too harsh. The adhesive backing allows easy installation while the magnetized back plate allows easy removal for charging. Great buy. I did not expect them to work so well considering the price. Too soon to test the battery life.
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Miracle Skin Care Product
I saw the good reviews and originally decided to purchase the travel-sized bottle to test out the product. Within a month, I had already ordered the full-sized bottle.I had deep, cystic acne and small bumps, too. I'm guessing it was hormonal. This acne would last for over a week and still not completely disappear. I tried this product and it cleared out my acne within a couple days - literally. Often, pimples would come to a whitehead the day after using this product, if not within a couple hours.I have super sensitive skin - eczema, dryness, etc. I've started using this product for spot treatment, but I could also cover my whole face with a fine layer (excluding damaged, broken skin) and not have an issue.
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Straightforward to install and clear images
I purchased this for my backyard security. I just followed the instructions from the product detail page introduction video and then install it successfully. Its app is easy to use and I can speak to the strangers even if I am not at home. I can see both past videos and live video. During the night time, I turn off all my backyard lights. I can see very clear videos for my backyard. It has white light and speakers which could warn thief. Additionally, its view is widely and it can almost cover all of my backyard. I can track the usage of battery and modify settings from VicoHome app. Very convenient for us and I can share the video recordings with my wife. Last thing, screws are also included in the package so we don’t need to buy them from stores.
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