[4X Optical Zoom] Recharge power Security Camera PTZ Outdoor for Home Security with Human Detection Auto Tracking-EU Standard

SKU: KF50.0003EU

  • 79.99
Overall Rating 4.8   11
Great night day vision security camera
I got this camera and I love it It was really easy to install and to set up. The day & night vision & pics has great quality the best thing is that when I am not home I can connect with my cellphone and check it.
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Easy set up with great visual range
We have had great luck with Wansview products so added this to our outdoor camera line because we wanted something we could pan for viewing our backyard. This was easy to install and is very easy to control. The night vision works well and allows us to monitor our dogs at any time of day or night. The app has many options for motion sensing, viewing, and alerts. We are very satisfied.
Great night vision with good price
I'm very impressed with this night vision goggles. Glad I choose this one. Easy to use comes with a lot of useful things. TF card storage case and What I like it most is this one have clear line of sight and 2 IR lights.great in open field situations with line of sight so much better in the woods! I also like it Being able to take video or pictures and see them now or later.by the way The zoom is also great! Amazing during the day but are really impressive at night. NowI can see very clear in the dark at adistance.I have already used it andseen wild life Possums, coons, deer.I can see clear to the back of my property nearly 1000 feet away
JR Steiner
First Purchase of Night Vision Goggles
Initial review of the goggle indicates they are OK. I cannot compare them to others at this time since it is my first purchase but do have to say I was impressed with the ease of use. The picture quality isn't what you would expect to see on TV but you can clearly make out your target. Overall a good buy.
Abdiel & Aimee Ramirez Abdiel & Aimee Ramirez
It’s very helpful
This product is a life saver. It allows me to see my newborn son anytime I feel the need to. I recall the first day riding with him in the car without this device had my anxiety to the roof. Not knowing if he was okay and breathing. This camera now allows me to see him even at night time with a night vision feature. The quality of picture is awesome! I totally recommend purchasing this item!
Lauren Kelly
Night vision & color stopped working
We received this monitor as a gift before our son was born. He is 15 months now and we still use the monitor regularly and it works fine, but the night vision and color display stopped working a while ago. In fact, I didn't even remember that the display was in color until I was going through old photos and saw one of the monitor from when my son was a newborn.I contacted Infant Optics regarding the picture issues we are experiencing and was told that I would need to replace the monitor and there is a 1 year warranty from the time of purchase. Since we received this four months prior to the birth of our son, this means the monitor was ineligible for replacement under warranty even though we didn't start using it until July.I am overall happy with the performance of the monitor, but wish that the night vision and color display worked for longer than six months.
Andrew Krah
Great night vision and noise indication
I love this monitor so so much. I have twin boys and we haven’t had a video monitor in their room and I have been so nervous some nights as I am worried I won’t hear them. This monitor gives me so much peace of mind as I can be anywhere in my house and check on them. I can also easily check to see if something is wrong when they are crying. The night vision works great and I love that I can zoom in to see them as well. I also love that I can see a large area of their room and the monitor had great range of movement. The battery life is great too! We just charge it when needed and don’t always charge it 100% but it lasts long enough. I also love the noise indicator on the side, and the fact that I can talk through the monitor is great too to help communicate with their dad when needed. Definitely recommend getting this!!
Impressed & Happy
I’ve been super impressed by ours! We have two in the living room, one in the kitchen and one outside! We did buy the mounts and they’ve done a great job as well.The audio does well and the app is easy to use. App can be tedious if needing to go through a long period of time but day to day I’m very happy with them.The night vision is great - it extends pretty far!
It works!
Decent but the night vision is a little wonky
Something equivalent to this that I’ve seen cost a little bit more. So this is more affordable option. The screen is large and the quality is superb. However I feel that the night vision is a little bit wonky here than the other ones that we’ve had in the past. The battery last for a long time and connectivity has been pretty consistent.
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