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K&F XK43 77mm Natural Night Filter

SKU: KF01.1119

Overall Rating 3   1
K&F XK43 77mm Natural Night Filter
First the good part, this is a well built filter of good quality not a cheap made in China filter, it's metal with a very good grip to screw on and remove nice! Has a nice matte black ring nice! Not much of a color cast nice! 1 of the best filter cases I have ever used nice!Now the bad the Amazon listing from K&N says Nano coated BS! No coatings at ALL! That's the main issues and it's flairs because of not having no coatings just plain glass just like the ICE brand but cost much less.So if you want a good sky filter to help block out some of the sodium lamps and city lights and don't want reflections THIS IS NOT THAT FILTER! Look at the Haida 77mm Clear-Night Filter NanoPro MC Light Pollution Reduction for Sky, cost more but it is coated. I just got it today so for sure it's coated but will it stop street lights reflecting with the sky filter?Maybe I just got a filter that was not coated or did not get any Quality Control possible, and when I told K&N about this they said it was moon that caused the glare.... sorry no moon up. No Moon.