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Excellent trépied, très stable et versatile, qui se transforme en monopode . Cependant la tête à rotule ne convient pas aux caméras avec de longs objectifs. Je l’ai acheté pour l’utiliser avec ma nouvelle Nikon P1000 (2 kg) et dès que j’allonge le zoom, elle bouge (descend).J’ai dû acheter une autre tête de trépied.
La construction c`est du solide. Je m`attendais a plus leger comme poids.
Had this item for a few years now and still really pleased with it. Does what it says on the tin, yeah could have spent more on a well known brand but hey this works. Excellent bit of kit for the right money.
Amazing value for money, not only is the tripod stable but has been light and durable. Legs move easily and the releases work flawlessly.The one thing I cannot say enough about is the ball head. I have owned Manfrotto, Sirui and even FLM and all had creep when under load at an angle from th camera. The K&F Concept ball head is solid as a rock, I have had my camera and lens attached at an angle for days and nothing moves.I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and the value, I believe it will be hard to beat. I would highly reccomend a K&F tripod to anyone.
Lightweight, Reliable and Amazing Value Lightweight, Reliable and Amazing Value
Awesome tripod! I’ve only used it a couple times while I was camping to get a group shot. But it’s easy to set up and I love that the ball head makes it easy to adjust! I need to play around with it a bit more to figure out how to put it into the position for macro photography. I love how small it folds up though! It’ll be great for traveling with! And it comes in an awesome carrying bag!
Used this tripod for the first time last week for a family photo-shoot, the tripod was easy to move into different positions including landscape to portrait and different heights for Children, the resulting photographs had no movement blur. The Tripod collapses into a very handy size, one of the tripod legs has a rubber sleeve around the leg, this is a great idea that helps when carrying. Have not used the mono pod feature, but this converts easily with the attachments supplied, these all fit neatly into the supplied case. also looks good! would recommend this tripod.
Just got this today, shipping was incredibly fast. The carry bag has white spots of mildew all over it and the tripod also had some, the carry bag smells like an old basement so not sure what's going on.The tripod feels very solid and sturdy and like it's going to take a beating, it's a little on the heavy side but I'm fine with that.I love the gold on black color.
amzing value for the price. same qualities as my Pro series from Manfroto for 5 times the price. Do not look any further.
I will update this review after using the product for awhile, but I have to say I think this is a great company to choose from when looking at this style tripod. Many companies have similar designs to this one, but overall when you're using equipment priced this low for what it does, one of the most important things is good customer service. And K&F Concepts has been great so far.As far as quality, this tripod is very light weight, and the construction seems really solid. It folds up very small and into a travel bag for easy transport, and has been very easy to use. Here's the breakdown:The ball-head is particularly impressive to me since I was always wary of ball-heads since I've used a few that do not lock tightly enough and can move around. However, this one is great. It locks tightly without even having to twist the knob very hard, so I don't think wear on the tightening knob will ever be an issue as I don't feel I need to turn it terribly hard in order to keep the ball head from moving. Turn it until it is snug, and even trying to pull the head around with my hand using a reasonable amount of force, it didn't move. That's a solid thumbs up from me.The legs are also surprisingly easy to use. The twist locks had me worried that I'd be spinning them for a second in order to get them locked or released, however that wasn't the case here either. I turned them about a half turn and they released, and did the same to lock them, however I probably turned a bit more to be sure it never slipped with a camera on it. And once again, I turned until it was snug, but never felt like I needed to over-tighten to lock it in place. Then I pushed down with reasonable force (more than a camera would ever push down on it) and it never slipped or seemed like the legs were strained, even when fully extended. I would suggest being careful though if you're using the legs at wider angles, because since the legs are light-weight aluminum, having them spread wide while also fully extended will certainly limit the weight capacity a bit more. I can think of very few situations anyone would ever need to do this though, and even when I tried it I wasn't worried about it dropping my camera, so I don't think that's a negative mark on the product. Just be more cautious than usual if you ever need the legs fully extended and fully spread.Also regarding the ball head, I forgot to mention the release plate. I was similarly impressed with how well it held up without intense tightening. It is fully metal and feels robust. Loosening the plate allows you to slide the plate back and forth in case you ever need to adjust it for your camera, but as long as it isn't fully open to allow the plate out from the top, there are locking pins that stop the plate from ever sliding off the front or back (with your camera) even when loose. As long as the plate isn't so loose that it can be pulled out from the top, it seemed impossible for the plate to slide out of the front or back of the base even when it was freely moving. That's a great design choice in my opinion.The gold metal that attaches the legs to the main collumn also seem solid. They were a little tight at the joints right out of the box, and came with an allen wrench to adjust, but I will probably leave them as they are since I'd rather have them tighter than looser. They were all equally as tight so I decided not to change it. My only slight nitpick might be that the legs don't lock in both directions. They lock only going down to prevent the legs from falling outward, but don't connect to the center collumn to prevent them from sliding inward. This shouldn't ever really be a problem as I've never had this happen with any tripod I've ever owned, but something to keep in mind. Also while they are locked in place, the pins that release the lock are pushed in a way that they wouldn't accidentally unlock even if I bumped the button.Another thing I have to mention is that while I was scouring the item when I first got it, I came upon an internal small plastic cylinder that is part of the locking mechanism to hold up the center pillar which holds the camera, and I was worried it might be damaged. I think it's actually just a strange manufacturing process which makes it look inconsistent and is probably not actually a concern. Either way, I went to K&F Concept's official website and submitted an email asking about this piece and they were quick to respond. They sent me pictures back of what the piece should look like and it looked identical to mine, but they offered to send me a new piece just in case. They didn't have to do that since it really does seem that the piece is fine, but it was really reassuring that they were willing to replace the piece to make sure I was satisfied. So besides getting what seems like a really solid piece of equipment for a good price, they also stand behind their products even though I ordered it from Amazon and not from their direct site.Overall this has been a great purchase and I plan to keep using this company in the future. I spent about 4 hours looking at a ton of comparable tripods from different companies and landed on this one after hearing others had good customer service experiences so I'm glad I did!
Really excellent, sturdy product. Very happy with it, especially at this price. The ball head is incredibly versatile. Quick release simple to use, and solid. The whole package is compact and fits in a cabin suitcase.