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If you have yet to transition your filters to a magnetic system, you are missing out. The convenience is unmatched. The best part, is you can stack NDs on top of each other to create higher stop NDs.

I was originally in the market for an Variable ND filter, but there are far too many flaws and inconsistencies with VNDs, especially at certain stops. Being able to stack fixed ND filters is a great work around and gives you the flexibility of an ND without the flaws of a VND.

The case it comes in is also great, super handy and nice looking.

Finally, the magnetic lens cap is so nice to have. Total came changer for me, I love the convenience of it. No longer have to work with a clunky traditional lens cap. This snaps on quickly and is very secure.

Overall, definitely recommend this filter kit. This was my first time using filters and I couldn't be happier or more satisfied.
Magnetic System is a Game Changer
Talk about a good score! This filter kit has been terrific and helpful for some photo projects. And it came with a filter case! They are all quality made products.
Article reçu conforme à ce qui est indiqué. Article de bonne qualité.
Pour les photos. Les filtres sont excellents et très pratiques en balade.
This is such an elegant way to deal with using different filters. Instead of threading each on and off and hoping it doesn't get stuck when you're in a hurry, just snap them on and off with magnets.

Super useful with rotating filters like the gradient one included. I hope they have a CPL I can add to the kit.

Comes in a very nice sleeve case for all of the glass.
Such an easier way of handling different filters Such an easier way of handling different filters Such an easier way of handling different filters
Splendid case with a great system. Perfect for someone who doesn’t want to blow loads of money on a filter system. The main reason why it’s 4 stars is the vignetting when stacking an ND1000 over the GND8. Some photos are like staring out of a cannon barrel if your using too short a focal length.
These K&F lens ND filters are great! What a concept to use magnets in this way! I really appreciate I don't have to screw and un-screw filters, saving time.

To me, the glass used is of good quality, very clean and undistorted images. The pouch is also of good quality materials, soft divided pockets on the inside, and durable outer shell.

In the video the adapter ring is already screwed on to my lens. I demonstrated how the filter just pops in place, and how it doesn't interfere with my Matt box. Easy on, easy off. Only thing I would add or change how I use these filters would be to get some soft gloves to handle the glass without dirtying them.

Excellent magnetic lens filter concept! Quality Glass. Excellent magnetic lens filter concept! Quality Glass. Excellent magnetic lens filter concept! Quality Glass.
This is a really nice filter set. Good variety of stops and the gradient filter is really handy. I shoot in the Southwest and with the intense sun, these are a must have. The pouch is nice and really protects the glass. My only gripe is that it me some time online reading other reviews to figure out how to get these on my lenses. The adapter ring is with one of the filters which isn't obvious at first search. Once discovered, I liked how these just snap into place.
Nice filters. Took some time to figure out how to install.
Sencillos de poner y la sujeción es perfecta
Strong magnet, ease of use, no more screwing filters on. used with RF lenses so good I bought the 77mm set as well