82mm Magnetic Lens Filter Kit GND8+ND8+ND64+ND1000+Magnetic Adapter Ring 5 in 1 Quick Swap System Nano X Series

SKU: SKU.1929

  • 151.99
Overall Rating 4.9   30
Magnetic System is a Game Changer
If you have yet to transition your filters to a magnetic system, you are missing out. The convenience is unmatched. The best part, is you can stack NDs on top of each other to create higher stop NDs.

I was originally in the market for an Variable ND filter, but there are far too many flaws and inconsistencies with VNDs, especially at certain stops. Being able to stack fixed ND filters is a great work around and gives you the flexibility of an ND without the flaws of a VND.

The case it comes in is also great, super handy and nice looking.

Finally, the magnetic lens cap is so nice to have. Total came changer for me, I love the convenience of it. No longer have to work with a clunky traditional lens cap. This snaps on quickly and is very secure.

Overall, definitely recommend this filter kit. This was my first time using filters and I couldn't be happier or more satisfied.
Magnetic System is a Game Changer