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Ordered this for a 70s themed event, it worked pretty well! I’m glad they added the ridges along the edge to get it off easier, it’s really hard with some of these screw-on filters! I wouldn’t normally use one this style, so I’m glad I could find one for pretty cheap!
Not bad! Not bad! Not bad!
Quality is great! I love the ability to turn the filter to adjust the ”stars” as well as the fact that I can stack with other filters on the same lens
Love that it’s stackable!
As with all value special effects lens filters, this isn't going to be for top optical quality. It's for when the special effects will enhance the overall picture so that doesn't matter.

That means you have to experiment and think about your use case, because it's not going to work well in a lot of situations. You need point light sources, often in otherwise dark or dim environments.

There's a prismatic (color-separating) effect I wasn't expecting in the starburst lines. It's welcome, though.

It's pretty easy to twist the outer part of the filter to go from aligned to crossed filter lines, for 4- or 8-pointed starbursts. If there are a lot of lights or they're close together, 8-pointed starbursts will probably be overwhelming. That's where I see the value in being able to switch it up on the fly.

I also recommend experimenting with your camera settings to see when you get banding of the starbursts and when you don't. I took quick sample pics with my cellphone, so they're not representative of what you can do.

I quite like filters like this for the right purpose; I plan to use this one when there are fairy or holiday lights in the background or foreground (behind or in front of my subject).
Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects Nice value for fun effects
This is a filter for creating a starburst effect.

This filter is larger than normal because it has an adjustable ring on it for adjusting the effect.

I found it to be a neat way to achieve this look (see attached photo) without using software.

It comes in a plastic hard shell case with three cleaning cloths.

You have to be careful about turning the outer ring to make adjustments. I didn’t realize it but I was actually unscrewing the filter from my lens at first.

Overall this is a good filter for the effect, but you need to dial in just the right amount of starburst or it looks weird.
Fun Special Effect Filter Fun Special Effect Filter
If you hold the filter up just right, you can see the grid. It's completely invisible though when it's on the camera.

The light effects that it create have beautiful rainbow colors that make it look unlike any other I've seen. It's especially amazing on rows of LED's.

It doesn't seem to add any hue, tones, or shade.

Overall a great fun filter.

Highly recommended.
Great Great Great Great Great
Good quality and doing it's job perfect. Just love it.
Looking forward to put this filter to the test! Looks and feels premium. Will order again!
I had one of these star filters years ago for my film camera. I still have the filter, but it is too small for my most used lenses. This is made of glass and metal, always must have features for me. I have several other filters from this company, and all have been a positive experience. Yes, you can add these kinds of effects via post-[processing but nothing beats experimenting with real filters when you're shooting. Fantastic on Christmas lights too. It ramps up the festive feel of the lights. Turn the filter to get different effects on a scene. This is a really fun filter to add to your kit. Use a step up/step down adapter to use it on any lens you have.
Old school filter which is really fun to use. Old school filter which is really fun to use.
The star filter is a vibe. It adds another creative tool to the arsenal when shooting photos or videos. It's sparked my creative juices to want to see what I can do next with it. I really like K&F filters and this one did not disappoint. Great value great quality. I used this around the holidays and the lights make everything look so sparkly and dreamy. If you're looking for a good lens filter and a good price these are great options.
The filter is the star here