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I like this creative filter. if you want to get more dreamy photos this is the lens filter for you.

This is glass with a metal/ aluminum housing it threads on just like any other filter. no issues cross-threading, it goes on easily. and has 2 sections that help give you extra grip but its not knurled its just indents to help out gripping the sides.

For the longest time I always thought the sharper the photo the better the image. After shooting with the filter and seeing the more dream like photos, it started to show me that sharpness isn't the only thing that is needed in photos but this will soften up the light coming in, by reflecting the light hitting the flakes that are in the lens. This filter will also soften up facial features for a more appealing portrait shoot.

This filter isn't for anyone but if you want to take more softer pictures and play around with some other options this is great for you and affordable. This is the 1/4 mist filter so this is on the weaker side. K&F has the 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1/1 the bigger the decimal the more the effect so this is the perfect amount to test out if you like it and go from there.

The lens does have treatments on the lens. as you can see in the image it is shifting the light to green in the reflection so at has some good coatings on it. it is water repellent and scratch resistant but if using this lens filter with the sun shining right into the lens, I do recommend to use a lens hood or the whole Image would be washed out. I have this issue on all my lens filter so it's not something just specific to this one.

Final thoughts
I like this filter it's nice, it changed up some of the old ways of shooting photos and showed me there are other ways to take photo. I trust K&F, I have lots of there other lens filters they have a great price and amazing quality. I like to same as much money as I can and still get great quality. I do recommend this to anyone who's wanting to change up their photography. This is a nice extra kit to have.
really nice creative filter. really nice creative filter. really nice creative filter. really nice creative filter. really nice creative filter.
This filter is very well made, the glass is beautifully clear, the thread runs very smoothly and the grooves on the frame make it easy to grip.

The effect is clearly visible. The photos look harmoniously smooth, but remain well sharp. Colors are not changed. The images are somewhat “hardened” without being blurred.

For storage, the filter is stored in a simple plastic box with foam. It's nothing special, but it's well protected. Three more cleaning cloths are included in the box contents.

Overall, this is a very good product and the price is right. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this filter is necessary. It is definitely an asset and the quality is top notch. That is why we would be happy to give you the full number of stars.
Good handling, harmonious light effect and still a sharp photo Good handling, harmonious light effect and still a sharp photo
The &F Concept Nano-K Series Black-Mist 1/4 filter arrived quickly.
It is always well stored in an appropriate case.
Three separately packaged wipes are also included.
The workmanship looks reasonable.

The filter fits and is easy to install.

The effect is subtle but visible and enhances one or the other image.

I'm satisfied.
good filter with subtle effect good filter with subtle effect
A very nice filter for adding that dreamy effect. It softens the image and is very helpful on reducing wrinkles when taking portraits. I intend on using this filter for landscapes as well as portraits. The filter is solid with the rim made of metal and easily screws onto your lens. This filter comes in a hard plastic case and included were three microfiber clothes individually sealed in plastic. I have other K&F filters and have never been disappointed.
Nice Special Effect
Le filtre permet d’obtenir de beaux effets dans les hautes lumières et de réduire légèrement le contraste global. Dans les bonnes conditions, cela donne un rendu cinématique aux photos. Je l’utilise sur un 85mm 1.8 (67mm diamètre de filtre) et pour ce prix je suis très content du résultat !
Bon filtre avec un excellent rapport qualité/prix
I reviewed this product in January of 2023 on a 24-70mm Nikon f/2.8 S lens, mounted on a Nikon Z9. For my setup, I used the 82mm version to properly fit on my lens however, I would expect other sizes to perform in a similar manner. The filter frame is aluminum and is low profile measuring only 3.3mm. I found the filter to thread on and off easily and there was no binding while I was using it.

I've uploaded images of the unboxing to show what you should expect to receive when you order this product. Specifically you're getting the filter and a few soft cleaning cloths which are always useful. During my review, I used the filter primarily to shoot still but did do a little video work but I've not uploaded that here.

So what does it do? This mist filters adds a nice softening effect and flare from smaller light sources creating some cool effects adding some character to your images. This is most pronounced at night but the effect persists even in conditions closer to day light. The image of my cell phone was shot under studio lighting that was roughly daylight balanced while the other three examples were shot in lower light conditions. For the split screen shots, the non-filtered images are on the left, and the images that have the filter are on the right. These are straight out of camera with no edits as raw files in Nikon's NX Studio software with shooting conditions in the upper right of each frame.

I really enjoyed using this filter to push a little style and character into my images and plan to use it in the future for portrait work as well as some creative shots. I wasn't sure what to expect initially but really enjoyed what was coming out of the camera. I know the bloom effect isn't for everyone so I made sure to capture that so you'd know what you're getting with this product.

I'm making it a permanent part of my kit and strongly recommend it if you're looking for that softer look with flare in your images or videos.
Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter! Cool effect black mist filter!
This black pro mist filter at that little something extra to your video, work for a more professional and cinematic look
Adds a little something extra
Lenses of modern digital cameras are increasingly being trimmed for sharpness and imaging performance, which is of course good on the one hand, but in turn also brings with it a dilemma, namely that subjects often appear harsh and contrasting and images, somehow lack a certain charm.
To defuse this modern “look” a bit, to make motifs a bit softer, highlights diffuse and a bit softer, that's what effect filters like the Nano-K Black Diffusion from K&F Concept are for and are particularly popular with cinegraphs.
But photographers also benefit from such filters, as portraits, for example, get a pleasant, somewhat dreamy look without losing too much sharpness.
The diffusion effect is best when a light source, such as a window or lamp, is in the field of view.

In the beginning, you will have to experiment a bit to find the optimal filter strength for the desired look.
In my opinion, the K&F Nano-K Black Diffusion ¼, which I tried out, is ideal for gaining initial experience, as the filter strength of ¼ already makes the diffusion effect very effective, but still maintains sufficient sharpness and contrast.

Both haptically and qualitatively, there is nothing wrong with the K&F Black Diffusion. The filter is very well made and has a flat profile to avoid vignetting. The thread is cleanly worked and runs smoothly.
I couldn't notice any noticeable color shifts or vignetting.

Tip: I always buy filters according to the largest lens diameter in my inventory and adjust the filter, using step-up rings, to the lenses on which I want to use the filter right now.
This has the advantage that you only need to buy filters once and even though large filters are of course a bit more expensive, like small ones, it's worth the bottom line, as step-up rings don't cost much. It may also be worthwhile to buy a complete set of such adapter rings, with different diameters.
Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all Good filters can be inexpensive after all
K&F is really making some fantastic filters as of late. The build quality on these are excellent. Precision machined brass rings that are thin enough not to interfere with the image but strong enough to protect your glass. They screw on very smoothly and the brass will prevent stripping and cross threading.

The optical quality of the glass is excellent. There is no distortion whatsoever and the mist filter gives your images a very subtle dreamy quality. Something really impossible to do in Photoshop or with digital editing in my opinion. You get the realism and quality of an actual optical effect, and these look absolutely beautiful. Some people may disagree but I always prefer doing as much as you can in camera to eliminate the need for post processing. And of course for video it’s definitely a timesaver. Applying this subtle mist effect digitally in video is very processor intensive.

This is a nice little way to soften the features for portraits and I decided to take a portrait of this little fellow. You can really see the difference around the eyes that the filter makes in addition to the fact that it was really bright and this filter helped soften the shadows.

This is a 1/4 Mist so the effect is very subtle. Don’t be confused by the name black diffusion. This filter will lighten your images by reducing contrast and softening highlights. It actually lightens up the image a bit but in a way that doesn’t create blurriness. That’s the beauty of genuine optical filters rather than digital post processing effects.

This is comparable to my German filters that I paid a lot more money for in the past.
Really beautiful subtle effect
I did some test shots of my face, I'll spare you the images. I have some sun damage and this filter did soften them a bit which was nice. It also softened the texture of my skin some as well.
This filter came well package and with lens cleaners which is a nice touch in packaging.
The threads screwed on without issue and I saw no anomalies, color cast or vignetting from the filter.
This is a good tool to have for anything we can do to stay out of the time suck of post photo editing the better.
Softened some sun damage on my face