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Fits like a glove on Mavic 3 pro. The fit is so good I just leave it on as a lens protector. After several test flight I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary performance wise. Filters performed as intended with desired results. Satisfied so far.
Excellent choice for ND Filters for the Mavic 3 Pro. No weird colors in the video and the different "amounts" of tint on each camera lens keep the exposure level the same across the various cameras/lens light-gathering abilities.
These ND filters work very well! First off, they feel nicely made and they fit perfectly on my Mavic 3 Pro. I tend to use them a lot more when it's very sunny out or when I am trying to get a particular shot without having to edit it afterwards. I don't always use them, but they are excellent to have when you need a particular shot or effect. If you ask me, these are a must have for your camera gear bag and this kit gives me a lot of different options!
These work great! K&F always make great filters, I have been using them for a while for my other cameras and was happy to see they made ND's for my new drone too.

Easy to install and works just as good as my DJI branded ones that came with the drone.

Worth the cost and very good quality.
Have used the Freewell filters on my drones since the Phantom 3 days. Always been a love/hate relationship with them. Was very happy to see K&F had CPL for Mavic 3 Pro, and at the time was the only filter available that had 3x separate control rings for each lens.

Pros over the Freewell:
- rings are taught but smooth to rotate, freewell had slack and would have to adjust after each battery.
- has max polarization mark on each ring
- doesn't have odd Green cast that is difficult to correct for in post
- clicks into front element perfectly. Freewell was always super-tight and felt like it was going to break.
- brings nice saturation into the sky, but not too much where it looks fake.

This is a must-have for me flying over water all the time. a prev review noted a vignette on the 24mm. not sure what that's about but I'm not seeing any of that on my 24mm photos - I've uploaded a raw photo show what I'm getting with this filter. also uploaded a quick video showing a subtle enhancement in the sky, while removing a majority of the reflections in these windows on front of home. Couldn't be happier with this filter, thanks K&F for making a great product here!
fits great, smooth rotation, no vignetting on any lenses. sooo much better than the Freewells
Nice! Each polarizer is separate!
This pack of filters worked great on my dji mavric pro 3. The level of both videos and still shots i was able to take after trying them was very satisfactory and was above what i expected. I recommend everyone get these if they have a dji mavric 3 drone.
The filters are well-made, and the optics are crystal clear, ensuring top-notch image quality. They are easy to install, and the indicators help with proper placement. I particularly love the enhanced colors and reduced reflections the filters provide. The only drawback I noticed is a slight vignetting at the widest angle. Overall, I highly recommend this filter set for DJI Mavic 3 Pro owners looking to elevate their aerial photography game.
Glass/optics are nice and clear. The filters are easy to install. I like the white line indicators to assure proper placement of the filters.
Dieses K&F Concept Mavic 3 PRO ND Filter-Set wird in einem Kunststoff-Case geliefert. Das Set besteht aus einem ND8, ND16, ND32 und ND64 Filter für die DJI Mavic 3 PRO.
Die Filter bestehen aus einem Metallrahmen und mehrfach beschichteten Gläsern für die jeweiligen Objektive. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut und die Filter sind auch relativ leicht, was Gimbal bei dessen Arbeit kaum beeinflusst. Das Anbringen der Filter ist selbsterklärend - sie halten sicher am Gimbal. Die Filter reduzieren die Lichtmenge, was bei hellem Sonnenlicht für eine Langzeitbelichtungen wichtig ist, um eine Überbelichtung zu verhindern. Mit den Filtern kann man dann z.B. an hellen Umgebungen (Sonne, Schnee usw.) Aufnahmen machen. Außerdem können Wasserfälle und Flüsse mit dem typischen Effekt aufgenommen werden.
Insgesamt sind es sehr hochwertige Filter für die Mavic 3 Pro und für den Preis sehr empfehlenswert!
Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set! Sehr gutes und hochwertiges ND-Filter-Set!