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I'm very pleased with this filter. I wasn't convinced by the reviews, also because of it being very cheap compared to other filters. But it works.

The adjustment ring is quite stiff and hard to turn.

Check out the results in my test pictures which haven't been edited and shot on the same settings.
Does its job Does its job
I bought this filter to reduce reflections and it works beautifully. The filter seems well made. The thread on the filter allows me to attach it to my kit camera lens - it’s a good fit and I have not had any trouble with the fit; the thread is smooth when attaching. I like that the filter comes in a protective plastic case, which I thought made added to the quality of the product.
A well made filter that does the job. A well made filter that does the job. A well made filter that does the job.
Sehr gut
It perfectly fits my Ulanzi Anamorphic lens! I like how it transformed the images and videos a few notches higher. It also gave me the ability to manually adjust based on the environment. I like it. Price is okay too.
A really simple filter that screws onto you're lens thread .
You can buy more expensive filters that fit in a holder in front of the lens , but this little filter works just fine.
I took some autum landscapes , and it made the tree foliage stand out more.also reduced the glare of water in rivers and lakes .
Side note the blue spot in the photograph is a flash reflect off my smartphone , not a fault with the filter .
So to sum up easy to remove and fix on , great results for modest money
Useful assessory Useful assessory
Llego a buen tiempo , excelente producto, lo probé y cumple mis expectativas, muy buena calidad
Worked great. Definitely worth the money
Ce filtre est essentiellement pour protéger mon appareil
A neutral-density circular polarizer is a must for photographers in its role of disappearing glare and reflections from images, and darkening colors (like the sky on occasion) that need to be darkened and lightening colors that need to be lightened. It makes the difference between a wall-worthy photograph and a meh-worthy photograph.
Goede verpakking - goede prestaties filter.