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Two things make this filter stand out.
1) The polarizing impact brings out colors, removes unwanted reflections and generally improves the photos I take
2) Magnetic. These things "clip" into place. Once I tried magnetic , I really never wanted to go back to thescrew-on type. High quality glass and optics.

Yes they are a bit more expensive than the screw-on type, but well worth it for the convenience and speed of use.
Excellent professional quality, very easy to use and holds tight. No noticable color shift, just perfect for waterfall photos.
Pro quality
Great polarising effect, strong magnet. Couldn't be happier. Bought the 77 and 82mm for my RF 15-30 f2.8 and RF24 - 100 f4 landscape lenses.
pas vraiment essayé mais garant de son efficacité......
I needed a way to protect my lens, and this polarizing filter came up. I like that the filter is easily removable and that in the ecosystem I'm able to swap out filters by simply pulling it off making quick changes for subtle effects a breeze. It has a recess so your lens cover can still clip on, but it's not going to be rock solid firmly mounted due to the magnets not being strong enough to hold both the filter and lens cover so be mindful of that when storing in your bag or chucking your camera over your shoulder. I like that the packaging can be repurposed as the case for this filter, so I don't need to worry about it getting damaged if I am to remove it from my lens.
Well made, magnets could be stronger.
K&F somehow made the best magnetic filter ring on the market. It holds very well and the fit is perfect.
I have rarely used a cpl until this one it has stayed glued on my 35mm lens. The materials are excellent quality and the filter itself presents no color cast. I really hope k&f make more filters magnetic.
El producto llegó en el tiempo estipulado, aún tengo que probarlo a fondo, pero no viñetea