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This is review is for: K&F Concept 72mm Shimmer Diffusion Filter Optical Glass Glimmer Effect Filter for Camera Lens Nano-X Series
Purchase price: $54.99 USD

I wanted the 72mm Tiffen Glimmerglass® Filter, but not at $125. I saw this K&F filter that appeared to have the same functionality. Upon receipt, I compared it to the Glimmerglass 5 filter I do have, and the patterns are virtually identical. The filter diffuses harsh light sources and creates a soft, pleasing glow.

The filter fitment is good. It screws on smoothly, and comes off easily as well. The packaging was good, with a protective case that is easy to open and has a silicone insert that prevents the filter from moving.

For less than half the price of Glimmerglass, this K&F filter is a good alternative.
Good Glimmer Glass Alternative Good Glimmer Glass Alternative Good Glimmer Glass Alternative
So I wanted to compare these two glimmer / shimmer effect filters to see which of these two I prefer and honestly it was a very hard choice. Right out of the door, I want to mention that both filters are equally sharp so I will talk about the areas where they differ.

Overall packaging: K&F wins hands down. The design of the box looks like you bought something premium and comes with a nice plastic case. Cool thing is it has different size grooves inside so you can carry different size filters inside albeit you can only place one filter at a time. Tiffen's only comes in a ordinary plain white plastic case with logo only meant to hold one size filter.

Build Quality: This one is hard to say but if I had to pick I got to give this one to Tiffen. Their filter has more weight to it which translates into it feeling more solid / durable. This is not to say that the K&F feels cheap because it really isn't. K&F still feels solid and looks nice as well. It seems like they used an aluminum ring which is probably why it doesn't weigh as much.

Color Cast: So here is where they do differ a lot. K&F leans more to the warmer side and Tiffen seems to lean more to a cooler tone. I typically like warmer tones so I don't mind but this is all personal taste so I will not declare a winner here.

Halation: This one is a toss up as well. If you look at both filters side by side, you will notice that K&F seems to have a lot more glitter and also has a green reflection (probably from all their coatings.) This I believe translates to the filter having more of a glow to it. (it's subtle but definitely noticeable). This one also comes down to personal preference. If you prefer more glow which will also translate to having a little less contrast, then K&F is for you.

At the end of the day this is a great filter and even with the small shortcomings it has, a little editing can fix color cast and less contrast. Pricing is great for what you get and it's definitely an excellent option!
An excellent alternative to Tiffen's Glimmer Glass 1 An excellent alternative to Tiffen's Glimmer Glass 1
I got this filter in the 55mm size to use on a Nikon D3500 camera. It came in a very nice box and the filter itself came well protected in the inner case as well. It was a perfect fit for the camera. Unfortunately it didn't seem to have much impact (if any) on the photos taken with it. The concept sounded good but there were no shimmery effects to distinguish pictures taken with the filter from the same pictures taken without it. Maybe there are certain subject or lighting conditions where the change would be more evident. If this proves to be the case over time, I'll come back and adjust the rating.
Fits the camera well, but effects are minimal Fits the camera well, but effects are minimal
The K&F (82mm) Shimmer Filter is thin/lightweight and has an aluminum frame. Taking off my brass framed filter, noticed a difference of the thinner frame and had to be careful in matching the threads of the filter and lens before screwing on. The filter comes with a nice round plastic case that contains a rubber padding material to keep the filter from sliding around in the case. The glass on the filter is nano-coated. Ran some water on to the filter and it slid off easily. Taking a few photos of street lamps at night with the filter, gave the lamp lighting a bloom/glow effect vs no filter. There was no affect on image sharpness or color shift. Overall, this is another quality product from K&F Concept. Rated 4 stars.
Diffuses Light Sources Diffuses Light Sources Diffuses Light Sources
First thing s first I have always liked K&F products as they are great products that are made very well and for the money you pay for them they give a lot of value. Now that being said I wasn’t sure what to expect from the glimmer effect. It is supposed to help soften the glow from bright sources of light on a subject and I do see that it does help in certain situations when I am taking pictures but is very niche use unless you take a lot of portrait or product shots. Overall I had fun using it and will use it more to see what kind of portraits I can get out from using this filter. Over build quality is excellent and the coatings used are definitely high quality and the sharpness of my pictures were not noticeably reduced with this filter in place.
This is a nice, specialty filter that will get occasional, specific use. It does a very good job of softening highlights, brights, etc. Almost like a very subtle application of diffuse glow.

I haven't noticed any impact on sharpness, artifacting, or distortion. I'd like to spend a few months doing night shots, in the city, to really explore what this can do.

Threads are smooth with zero crunchiness when screwing it on. The container it resides in, when not in use, is solid and protective. I won't worry about it getting damage in my photo bag.

I'll start at 4 stars with the potential of raising it to 5.
K&F makes great filters but in the build quality of this thing is excellent. I just found the diffusion of fact a little more subtle than I was hoping. If you’re shooting stills there’s really no reason you couldn’t do this in post. Even video you can apply it although it’s more time consuming. It’s a good filter I just wish the effect was more pronounced.

You might be hard-pressed to notice any effect at all lender must lighting conditions. For a 1 filter that’s a little unusual.
My camera is greatly under-utilized, I really need to step up my game.

I did have an opportunity recently to use this shimmer filter in a couple of settings and I have to say the most noticeable difference revealed itself when I took a couple of close-ups of my face. I had no makeup on and posed under harsh sunlight. It definitely softened the frame and removed shadows. One of the things I find difficult as a person with very dark skin is capturing my skin tone accurately in photographic images. In different exposures and settings, I can appear much lighter than I actually am, which is not a desirable effect - at least not to me. This filter does give somewhat of a lighter appearance to my skin tone, but not dramatically. It was useful in capturing a softer version of the actual environment, which is a plus if you can't alter the amount or quality of light. Overall I think this filter would be useful in softening light without completely altering the subject altogether.
As an amateur I am still comparing images to see the difference. My eye isn't very well trained yet, but these are supposed to offer a gentle softening effect to the image. I am using it on a Canon 200D (SL2) 18-55mm kit lens. Therefore I ordered the 58mm. I can say that the glass looks great and it was a perfect fit on my lens. There are little sparkles in the glass since it is a "shimmer" effect. I can't wait to practice more with this filter, especially at "golden hour", sunset--which is supposed to be a beautiful time to photograph.
I'm using this filter on my Q2Monochrome. Why would I want less contrast on a Leica lens when I paid so much for those highly discernable Leica lenses. For this filter does bring down contrast and produce halo effects like a single coated manual lens from back in the day. Well. sometimes, especially in Black and White photography, I feel like the Leica Summilux lens on the Q2 is too sharp. I can correct for color variations with color filters but it is harder to correct for less sharpness in camera. This filter does two things, produces less contrast between areas, between boundries or edges of things, and gives them a softer feel. It is also capable of produces halos or glows around specular highlights or bight spot background lights. That's when the halo effect or glow seems to work best. So this filter gets five stars for what it intends to do, it executes well.