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È il secondo filtro ND variabile della K&F che acquisto, ormai è fisso sulle mie lenti grazie agli adattatori step up ring.
Adoro l’atmosfera che questo filtro conferisce alle mie foto e video
This filter was phenomenal! Love the case it came in and the cleaning cloth.
Highly recommended this lens if you are wanting to add a little Cine look! I attached some photos of a recent Seattle Trip I took where I used this filter.
Amazing Bang for the Buck Mist Filter Amazing Bang for the Buck Mist Filter Amazing Bang for the Buck Mist Filter
Tested this the other day, and I can confirm that there are no X patterns. Just be mindful of how far you adjust it. The intent was to take some daytime landscape photos beside the lake, and the pics look great. There is some color cast, but it's nothing to complain about, and easily removable with your fav editor. The only negative, is that it can be hard to remove, so don't screw it on like a bottle cap. When it stops, STOP! Do not tighten, and you will have no issue getting it off. Like many filters, you will need to take it off in order to use your lens cap.
Good ND filter, no X distortion on any setting, and way cheaper than "high end" alternatives. Pic attached was taken on a blindingly sunny day and there's no post work done on it whatsoever.
No "X" pattern, good price
Great filter and the variable adjustment is a huge easy button when dealing with different lighting conditions. Just spin the dial and get the the exposure value you need...super easy, never have to swap out a filter.
This thing is beautifully made and beautifully machined. All of the rotation are smooth and fluid. The low profile brass ring screws on the lens barrel perfectly.

This is an interesting diffusion filter which gives you a variable neutral density while at the same time giving you 1/4 soft effect. The result is gorgeous. I prefer the optical effects to the digital ones and it certainly saves time when you were doing video.

The glasses optically perfect and the neutral density gives me the option to lower down the shutter speed to get some smoother shots on things like moving waves. The diffusion effect is subtle but it softens the edges of the shadows just enough to give you a nice pleasing effect. It also works great on skin.

I was able to enhance this sunset shot in camera with this filter without having to do any digital processing. The shadows were harsh and the sun was a little too bright. This soften the light and at the same time allowed me to smooth out the water with a longer exposure.
Another perfect KNF filter
I use this on my EF 24-105mm f4 lens and it's wonderful with the 9 available stops! Photos/videos look amazing and it fits securely and easily. I've purchased other K&F Concept products and they never disappoint!
This is not my first K&F filter, and will not be my last. They have produced some great filters at a much lower price than some of the better-known name brands.

So what makes this filter special?
1-It gives you ND filtering of 1-9 stops in a single filter
2-The little orange putter makes turning the filter so much easier
3-It comes with a very nice professional looking lens pouch
4-You get tack sharp images with no filter pattern or artifacts

Is there anything not to like about this filter?
For my use, no. This filter lets me shoot at longer shutter speeds in bright light with no image degradation.
If you get the filter for your largest lens, with inexpensive step-up rings you can use this with all your other lenses, making the price even more reasonable.

I am a fan of K&F filters and highly recommend this to anyone needing an ND filter.
Wow! Top tier high quality lense, for real true photographers! I was taken aback by the quality, but very happy even with the packaging & presentation. Obviously easy to use, & install on your camera.
The black diffusion mist effect can be used to create a unique and artistic look to your photographs, it gives a soft and misty look to the image. The ND filter helps to reduce the amount of light entering the lens, allowing you to take photos with a slow shutter speed without overexposing the image.

Overall, the K&F Concept 67mm Black Diffusion Mist 1/4 Effect & Variable ND2-400 is a versatile and well-built filter that can enhance the quality of your photographs. The combination of the black diffusion mist and variable ND filter can open up a lot of creative possibilities and it's a great addition to any photographer's kit.