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Good ND filters for mini 3 pro. I accidentally crashed my drone so now I lost the 1-5 ND filter.
This is so good that I'm ordering it again!
Even mistakes can happen.....It was wrong product, they are sending me new ones. Someone can say inconvenience, yes but mistakes can always happen, and the main thing is to correct than. Friendly easy and smooth my products are on the way to me, thank you for your service. It is the best way to build trust ...thank you
I wanted ND filters for my DJI mini 3 Pro and this kit with 6 filters and propellers was exactly what I was looking for. Today was a very bright sunny autumn day and the light was too strong and harsh so I used these filters to good result and I am glad to have them to go along my mini 3. They come in a small plastic case to protect them and make it easy to carry the kit. Very easy to put on, it was something I thought would not be that way. I had to try them all on to see which one would give the best result for that sunny day and There was one of the six that helped with the image I wanted. If you are looking for ND filters for your mini I recommended them and you get propellers also.
Nice 6 Pack and Perfect Fit Nice 6 Pack and Perfect Fit Nice 6 Pack and Perfect Fit Nice 6 Pack and Perfect Fit Nice 6 Pack and Perfect Fit Nice 6 Pack and Perfect Fit
Great Filters for mini 3 pro my favorite thing is they lock on to the gimble don't just slip over top also like you get 6 different shades from nd4 to nd1000 and they come in a protective case they feel very well made set even comes with a set of mini 3 propellers very happy with these nd filters
Great ND Filters Great ND Filters Great ND Filters Great ND Filters
I like to fly my drones early in the day when there aren’t many people about but the downside of this is that the sun is low in the sky, and this gets worse during the winter months.
I’ve been considering trying ND filters for a while, so I was delighted to have to opportunity of trying this comprehensive set which contains ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64 and ND1000, providing 2-10 stops of light reduction.
The filters weigh 1.1gm which is just 0.3gm more than the camera lens cove which is removed. This means the total weight of the drone is still within the 250gm limit for flying in A3.
As the Mini 3 Pro camera has a fixed aperture these filters provide an effective way of reducing shutter speed for more natural video recordings.
The filters are presented in a click-close plastic case. The case is a little larger than I would have liked, but it does make removing the filters easy and the empty space can be used to store the original frame or the filter that has been removed.
The camera on the DJI Mini 3 Pro is very small and I was concerned that I might damage it when removing the cover and replacing it with a filter but the whole process is quite simple. However, I found it wise to fit the filters above my drone case so, if anything was dropped, it would be easy to recover.
Because of current weather conditions and personal commitments, I’ve not yet been able to conduct a meaningful test. I’ll add to this review when the opportunity arises.
Add creativity to your Mini 3 Pro videos. Add creativity to your Mini 3 Pro videos. Add creativity to your Mini 3 Pro videos.
I'm enclosing one picture of a lake with no filters. As you can see, the reflection of the sky is overbearing in the lake. The other picture I'm enclosing is one with the filter. You can actually see the lake itself and the colors in the image appear to be more vibrant.

The fit on my Mini 3 Pro was perfect. Great filter.
Makes a HUGE difference. Makes a HUGE difference.
The lenses came in an easy-to-carry case which is nice as I can just put it in the bag when I go out. They are labeled well and easy to put on the drone.
Good quality lenses that looks great on picture quality
K&F Concept ND filters

These ND filter are literally the most used filters i use along with friends when we are filming stuff.
These K&F filters is a brand ive never used before. These filter didn't add any weight to the drone which is nice, they were super easy to install and remove and the the kit provides a very good selection of filters that will suit almost all stiuations.

From the use of cloudy days to even the brightest of days and these did help with the motion blur when flying low and slighty fast also adding a more cinematic feel to the video.
The material used and the quality is really nice.
You do recieve extra propellers which i didn't use as i wasn't going to take a perfectly new mini 3 apart unless needed too and the filters was what actually makes the difference however, if you do have a slight accident then least you do have some replacements.

Overall a great quality filters that help produce some great footage. Value wise i think is a fair price to ask considering in the market today there are more expensive ones.
Quality photos with it's lenses
Drone photos
great drone accessories to configure your drone to a whole new level and add extra filming experience.
great quality accessories at extremely reasonable and affordable price.

Well worth the asking money.
very light and easy to fit on a drone.
set up your drone to a whole new level set up your drone to a whole new level set up your drone to a whole new level set up your drone to a whole new level set up your drone to a whole new level