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Fast delivery, typical CPL packaging in a plastic box, nothing special until then.

Very good anti-reflective coating without loss of sharpness with the CPL 55mm diameter D-series. I've always lacked that little bit of sharpness, even that was remedied by, among other things, more contrasting images.
The picture uploaded here shows in 100% Cropp left without filter and right with filter, I was talking about the sharpness image, taken with Sony a7ii and kit lens on 65mm with 1/100 f5.6 ISO 800.
The second picture shows left without reflection and right with reflection.
I don't want to test whether it is scratch-resistant.
Does what it should Does what it should
This is the first lens filter I’ve ever used. I’ve always read/heard that a good filter can make a significant difference, but I never ended up getting one until now. This polarizing filter is very nice! It’s easy to see the quality construction of glass and metal. In my pictures, you can see that the filter is attached to my camera, but I was also able to attach my lens hood directly to the front of the filter. It has front receiving threads in addition to the rear threads. A really nice feature is that the front of this filter freely rotates. This now allows me to easily rotate the tulip hood to the best position without any risk of the filter or hood loosening. I couldn’t do this when the hood was connected directly to the camera. Does the filter make any difference though? I’m pleased to say that it works very well! I often take pictures through a window, and it's very common for the picture to have a certain “haze” to them that wasn’t there if I took the same picture outside. I took a picture through the window with this filter in place, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a picture that looked like I had taken it outside. I don’t know exactly how this works, but it does. Just like polarized sunglasses, this filter “controls” the light in a way that improves what you see. I’m impressed!
Makes a Significant Difference! Makes a Significant Difference! Makes a Significant Difference! Makes a Significant Difference!
I had been used to a Hoya Pro1D for years and wanted to try this Pola for my handyman (Nikkor 24-85 VR on the D750) because I didn't want to spend too much on it. What can I say... optically very good, I would say absolutely at Hoya level, stable construction, even too much as I find that the rotating ring is too friction for my taste (the Hoya will be much easier). Another Note: It's a little tricky to unscrew from the lens, but I've found that applying a slight force with your thumb and forefinger, as if "squeezing" and ovalizing it, is enough and it pops right off.
Nice surprise! Nice surprise! Nice surprise!
Item is delivered within time, product according to the description on Amazon, good. Tip: Do not overtighten the filter frame when attaching it to the lens, otherwise you will have trouble disassembling it from the lens.
72 mm circular polarizer filter 72 mm circular polarizer filter
What more do you want! If the price-performance ratio is right, everything is fine! I am personally v
This polarizing filter is excellent This polarizing filter is excellent This polarizing filter is excellent
These are well made filters, the ring is very small so they won't cause any vignetting even on fairly wide angle lenses. These threaded onto my lens smoothly and stayed on securely. These circular polarizers reduce the light only a little, and once they are screwed on there is an outer ring that lets you rotate the polarizer to get the best effect.

You can use these to reduce reflections from things like water, glasses and windows. Because it reduces reflections, you can see down into water making it look clearer and cleaner. It also helps deliver a clearer sky image when taking photos outside.

This is the "D" series filter, they also have a "K" series. I'm not sure the exact difference between the two as K&F's own website doesn't really explain it. As near as I can tell the "D" series ones (this one) are a slightly more expensive design with more layers of coating, including water/oil repellant coatings on both sides. They describe these as "waterproof".

In any case, well made filters that do the job.
I acquired this 82mm Circular adjusting Polarizer Filter for use on both my Sigme 24-70 f/2.8 E mount as well as my Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II lenses. It's simply a perfect polarizer for these highly versatile zooms.

The lens is extremely well-made and circular action is smooth as silk when attached to the lens. High-level multi-coating assures detail in photos and videos without artifacts or hazing, and maintains outstanding focus accuracy.

Polarizing filters have multiple uses, including deepening color enhancements of sky and landscapes, especially in bright conditions. Additionally, the circular adjustments can be used to shoot through windows clearly without reflection, as well as taking pictures or video through water. For example, this filter can be used to take perfect pictures of Koi (Japanese Colorful Carp) in a pond without having light bounce-back from the water surface. There are other uses as well.

To operate, it only takes pointing a camera at the subject and turning the outer level of the filter until the desired effect is seen through the viewfinder...or on a display screen. Easy peasy.

I own a number of K&F filters of different types including UV, ND and Diffusers. I have come to trust the company's products. This one is a superb value at the price as compared to much more expensive Polarizer filters like those from B+W and Hoya, while providing virtually equivalent performance. Awesome!

It's an unequivocal high FIVE STARS from me, along with my honest and very hearty recommendation. Up your photography and vlogging! Get this!

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I just came back from vacation where I used this CP frequently since we were at the beach and near water all the time. Previously I got another K&F UV/protection filter and was impressed by the quality, so I decided to get this CP filter as well before our trip. It arrived just in time and just like another one I have - it is definitely a great value for the quality you are getting. Usually I shop used market for photo accessories and good quality CP filters of this size (B+W, etc.) cost more sometimes, unless you are lucky to get one in new condition in this price range. This filter seems to be very well made, good quality glass and coating, and I did not notice any artifacts while pixel-peeping on my Sony 7R III using Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lens with this filter. Definitely recommend checking out this CPL if you are in the market.
I do mostly landscape and "street" photography. I don't use a lot of filters, but I sometimes use neutral density (ND) and graduated neutral density filters for special situation.

However, I often use a polarizer in bright sunlight. It can help tame unwanted reflections, and it is particularly useful for increasing saturation and contrast in skies.

This filter threads smoothly onto my 77mm Nikon SLR lenses. The outer filter ring rotates smoothly. (You need to orient the filter to get the best results.)

Like any polarizer I've used, this one reduces the light reaching the camera sensor. This one reduces incoming light by about a stop-and-a-half.

Mechanical and optical quality are good as far as I can discern.

This vendor offers wide variety of filters. Pricing seems very reasonable
Worked well with my ND filter.