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The kit is excellent and fulfill all my needs. Also the delivery time and presentation was excellent.
Very happy with the purchase.
The set kit is well built and is easy to use.
Macht was es soll… und sehr gut verarbeitet
Excellent value for money. Well though out, made and engineered, comes in a nice box, all very well presented. Complete with adaptor rings to fit most lenses. No colour cast that I can see. Im very pleased with the filter kit and have produced good images. Would recommend K&F Concept Pro Square filter set to anyone not prepared to pay silly money for other brands.
Good value & Quality. Good value & Quality. Good value & Quality.
Part of a brilliant photography system
When you get used to it it great but sometimes you cant lock it onto the lens adapter and the whole thing spins
As a beginner to experimenting with filters, it comes with all I need to start with, at an affordable price given such quality and design.
I bought the rectangular filter set directly from K&F. Since I have worked with screw filters in the past and had the problem with vignetting when screwing several filters on top of each other, I have wanted to buy a rectangular filter set for a long time. Since the sets from NISI, Haida and other well-known manufacturers are very, very expensive, as a hobby photographer I was looking for a cheaper alternative. When I saw several reviews on YouTube, I decided on the K&F set, which is half the price of Haida and CO. I have absolutely no regrets about my decision. The filter holder is very valuable and well thought out. I particularly like how the polarizing filter is attached to the holder and how it can be adjusted using the small wheel. The filters themselves are made of optical glass and show no color cast and are also well coated. Another positive aspect is that the filters have a plastic frame with a tab. This allows the filters to be inserted and removed without annoying fingerprints. A bag is included to store and transport the holder and the filters in it. Also included are various adapter rings for different filter thread diameters. As a landscape hobby photographer, I no longer want to do without the advantages over screw-on filters. I give a clear purchase recommendation for amateur photographers and professionals too! I wasn't expecting such excellent quality for this price. It's amazing what K&F delivers here.
Top!!! Rectangular filter at an affordable price Top!!! Rectangular filter at an affordable price
Good quality. Relatively easy to use. A bit pricey.
Super leicht zu handhaben. Kommt in einer mitgelieferten Tasche. Qualität ist Mega. Habe den Kauf nicht bereut. Es macht Spass und die Bilder sind aus der Kamera schon sehr schön.

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