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The black piece you see in the photo is a lens cap. The transparent piece, that is under that, serves as a filter of sorts. The cap under that is more of a free pass through attachment designed to stick to either the filter or the lens cap depending on what your goal is.

Basically it's all magnets, so it was really easy to set this up. I just screwed in the base, then the filter snapped on no problem, then the lens cap too snapped on without any issue.

The quality of this set is great. The look of it is awesome too. I shook my camera a bit and the cap did not fall off. Seems to be a great alternative to the locking mechanism that comes with normal caps.

Overall, I'm really happy with this set.
Better Than Expected Better Than Expected Better Than Expected Better Than Expected
This Filter is meant to bloom your highlights and take off the digital look and add a cinematic quality to your footage and it does just that. The magnetic design is a great idea if you had all magnet filters which would make it super easy to swap filters. But if your other filters are ring supported I would not purchase for that option. I am able to mount the camera upside down with no words of the magnets failing me because it is very strong.
I have kept this filter on my camera since I got it months ago so that goes to show you how well this is made and enhances my video production. You can stack this filter but only stack with this filter being last to reduce the chances of making the front element heavier where it magnetizes. I have not compared this to bigger brands but base off of the lower price and quality this provides it’s a no-brainer.
I would definitely recommend to beginner's and enthusiast look to get a "cinematic" quality out of their photos and videos.
Great quality for a cinematic looks Great quality for a cinematic looks
I haven't used any magnetic mount filters before. It's really nice to have that. I didn't realize how convenient it would be not to have to screw and unscrew filters every time I want to make a change.

The diffusion effect of this lens is easy to notice if you're looking for it, but subtle enough that it doesn't call attention to itself. I was concerned that it might be too much at first, but I like the results. I didn't notice any color cast either. Very nice filter. Does the job well.
High quality materials
I have the threaded version of this filter from K&F Concept and I have been very happy with the quality of it. I use it regularly to give a subtle softening effect to my images. This new magnetic version is awesome! The magnetic attachment is very strong and it makes it so quick and easy to install or remove the filter and lens cap. Construction quality is excellent; K&F filters are very much in the same league as Tiffen filters. Highly recommended!

I see that K&F has started to produce a range of different filters (ND, polarizers, and diffusion) using this magnetic system and I would definitely be interested in adding more to my collection because it's a terrific system. It would work especially well for the 10-stop ND filter because that's the kind of filter you have to keep screwing on and off (because you can't see through it to focus), so being able to snap it on and off would make it SO much easier to use.
I bought this filter to test it out vs the Tiffen brand pro mist and it did not disappoint. Theres a video on YouTube that compares these two filters side by side and the K&F is definitely a competitor. Price is fair which I liked, it came in a nice container as well. In my opinion dont overpay for the Tiffen.
Magnetic Filter Attachment, quick and easy to attach or remove from the camera lens.
THe 1/4 Black Mist filter is fantastic and definitely one of my favorites. The Filter comes with 3 items

1) The Filter Ring that threads on to the lens end
2) The Magnetic filter
3) Magnetic Filter Lens Cap.

Common Question(s):
Can you use the canon lens cap with the Magnetic ring installed (YES)
Can you use the Canon lens cap with the magnetic Filter in place (YES)
Can you use the Lens Cap with the magnetic base without the filter magnetically attached (YES)

Overall, really good quality lens and it is a breeze to install. The Magnetism is strong and the lens cap does not fall off nor does the filter. It has just the right amount of magnetism to keep everything in place.
Very Good Lens and Concept for mounting it to the camera.
I have the K&F magnetic system on all of my lenses, and got several of the matching ND and CPL filters in addition to the black mist one here. They're so convenient, easily stackable and the connection is strong enough that I don't have to fear that one of them could fall off. The black mist effect here is very minor, and only really noticeable with plenty of backlighting. Many cheaper filters often have a color cast, but I haven't noticed that with the K&F ones at all.

The only downside is that on my Sony lenses at least the magnetic caps that are included are really hard to pull off when you have the lens hood on the lens (either forwards or backwards). Some grippy element at the front of the cap would've helped with that. I might 3d print some holder and glue that on there to fix it. Since the caps aren't really the main reason to use a magnetic filter system though I'm still giving 5 stars, they would've been a nice bonus if they worked well but they're not really critical to the product.
The “mist” diffusion filter does what it advertises. It’s a softer image with “blooming” highlights especially if backlit.
I double stack my filter with a prime lens effect dream filter for an extra dreamy look.
I totally recommend this.
I use a Fujifilm X-T3 camera and got this to go with my 55 - 200mm zoom lens. The mounting ring attaches to the lens without issue and I am a big fan of the magnetic attachment for this filter. There are many different brands of diffusion filters out there. I have used Tiffen brand filters in the past and always been happy with them but when I came across the K&F filters I definitely wanted to give them a try.

I have used K&F products in the past and have been particularly happy with their lens adapter system (I used to shoot with Pentax cameras and lenses and their superb lens adapter has allowed me to use my old Pentax lenses with my Fujifilm camera.

This magnetic system does not disappoint. Swapping filters is super easy with the magnetic attachment system. The lens cap for the filter system has been criticized by some but I find it to work very well. It actually reminds me of some of the lens caps from my Pentax system so I felt very comfortable with it.

As for the quality of the diffusion - excellent! I really enjoy the softer look that this diffusion supplies without it bein too heavy-handed.

I was a bit surprised by one thing however. I expected to be able to install this filter system and then still utilize my tulip-shaped lens hood but I cannot do that when this K&F is attached to my lens. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this is really the fault of the Fujifilm system as I have found their lens hoods difficult to attach compared to other camera systems I have used in the past. That said, I intend to get some more K&F brand ND filters to take full advantage of this magnetic attachment system. It's a winner in my book.