• 17.99
Overall Rating 5   4
A friend recommended a reflector to help take the next step in my journey of photography. This little reflector has served me very well so far. I do have a few complaints though. Did to its size it is a little difficult to fold, it's almost to small to fold in the manner you're suppose to, if I had thought of this before hand I would have purchased a larger size. The layered options are nice, but honestly a but of a pain to keep switching. I find I use the diffuser the most and the cool and warm reflectors second most. The excess I have taken off and leave at home unless I am sure I may need one of them.All that being said I very much still like how small this one folds up, it fits easily into my backpack. Other than the issue I mentioned above about the size the 24" reflector is just right for my dogs, not to bulky and not so small that it doesn't seem to help. Overall I am happy with the purchase and likely will end up purchasing another one, that is a larger size.
I bought it for my in-home studio and use it learning how to light table top home studio photography. I found the product well made and I give it 5x* on quality. It is very versatile: - one of the must have light modifiers in the studio. I am planning to purchase one more set for more complicated lighting of glass and reflective objects. Product arrived on time, well packaged in perfect condition.
Great but got it on a deal for and loving it, had the neewer brand and got this too and it was very affordable and it looks the same and does the same thing as the neewer does.
I’m a real Estate photographer and sometimes ceilings aren’t white, so I needed something that I could pop out fast and bounce my flash off of. Great material and perfect size! Love it