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So if you have been purchasing K&F Concepts in 2021 you should be seeing a big difference in the quality of their products. I mean K&F has always been known for making budget gear that was "good enough". But in my onion now, they are actually pumping out high quality gear. This graduated ND is just another example of that.

I saw very little color cast. Yes, there was a bit there as you will get with just about any ND under $300 but it isn't strong and easily fixed. The glass is a nice quality and isn't a super dust magnet. The coating seems to provide a lot of resistance to glare. The coating also seems to make water bead up and quickly get out of the way which I wasn't expecting for a filter at this price point. Build quality is great and the threads are smooth and without any burrs which is something you will see often in super budget filters.

I can't wait to see more future products from K&F. I'm excited they are putting out quality products like this that don't cost an arm and a leg.
Another great new product from K&F Another great new product from K&F Another great new product from K&F
The filter came today. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I was very satisfied.
I often photograph landscapes and this filter makes a difference when it comes to the overexposed part of a photo.
I attach an example image.
Indispensable purchase
In addition to the Kiwifotos lens filter adapter for my Sony RX100 V, I bought this gray gradient filter from K&F Concept after having also had very good experiences with the other products. I read again and again that the filter could not be unscrewed. I can't confirm that. At least for the size of 52 mm I ordered.

The practical test is convincing. It is currently not sunny but clouds are often difficult even in very cloudy weather. I hope you can look through the pictures in the right order. For someone who knows their way around, it should be clear: The third picture is pure without the filter. In the fourth, I tried to improve this image in RAW post-processing and you can see that there are still burnt out areas. The first picture is with a filter and you can already tell: The clouds are already more detailed. But the window frame also gets darker, of course. The post-processing, which can be seen in the second picture, requires more effort to create such a scene. But I think the result is also impressive!

As with the other filters from K&F, I didn't notice color casts, vignettes or the like.
Finally get the most out of your pictures Finally get the most out of your pictures Finally get the most out of your pictures Finally get the most out of your pictures
Good value for the money and good quality. This saves me the money to buy more expensive filters.
Bought many filters. Some I just throw in the back of my camera bag. This one is Quality made. Came clean and clear, which is a rarity. People that say it is to small and can't get it off easy. Well that's just lake of experience with filters. It is stiff at spinning but to me, that is of quality. Most spin to easy and turn of your settings to easily. Worth the buy.
As you can see from the Amazon page, this graduated neutral density filter is really great for sunsets. The sky is relatively bright, the foreground somewhat dark. Without a filter, the meter measures the light of the sun and the dark areas are washed out. With a solid neutral density filter, the foreground is too dark. A graduated neutral density filter blocks some of the sunlight but allows the foreground to appear normal. This graduated lens makes a huge difference. It dramatically improves pictures of sunlight. It is also good to block out glare, though I would use a polarizer for that. One problem with photography is that most photographers fall into one of two categories: they are either pros or amateurs. The pros want the best equipment and their livelihood depends on their having it. The amateurs want their cameras to do everything for them. There are excellent filters for the former, and the latter mostly don't know what a filter is. That leaves occasional photographers like me often out of luck. I don't want to pay lots of money for something that I will rarely use. K+F Concept is a good solution. It's good quality at a relatively reasonable price--or at least a price serious hobbyists would consider paying. I suspect that a comparable filter from B+W is better, but I'm not willing to pay 2-3 times the price of a K+F to find out. I love shooting in sunset conditions. So, I am very happy with this filter.
I'm a hobbyist photographer and have recently been looking for ways to push my camera and images even further. This lens filter looked like something new and exciting to try, and I was beyond happy to get the chance to give this a try.

My first impression was that the packaging was quite nice. The case that houses the filter is well-designed and holds it snugly. The filter itself feels luxurious - it has a nice weight to it, and the materials look and feel expensive. The threads look great and I had no problems at all fastening it to my lens.

As far as using the filter goes, I have a bit of practicing to do. It has been quite an overcast and rainy season here, so I haven't really had much of a chance to use it on bright fiery sunsets yet. What I have gotten to use it for has been very fun for me, although I still have some learning to do about when it is bright and reddish enough out to warrant using it.

All in all, it is incredibly fun to play with when taking images and it feels and looks great. I'm very happy to have this in my camera bag, and I look forward to experimenting more with it in the future!
Haven't used for a lot. It works for me and is affective when the aperture set in high number, such as 11.
The graduated filter works very well. It is just a bit more difficult to use than a square/square filter. The quality is excellent and as described. And it doesn't take up too much space in your luggage, as it doesn't need a holder. Perfect for traveling, actually.
A very useful filter in some difficult light situations, it manages to save a lot of processing in the post-production phase to recover lights and shadows in the event of strong contrasts such as bright skies on landscapes with portions in shade. Excellent materials, easy to clean and delivered in a comfortable and very durable case