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i was worried about cleaning my canon t6 sensor. It had many dust specks that would not be blown out with my hand blower. I checked a few videos on youtube and read a couple "what not to do articles". The package comes with instructions as well. I put 2 drops on a swab and passed it. there was one dark particle that would not come out...I had to pass 4 swabs to get it out. Now thinking about it: I am not sure if the swab covered the entire sensor or not..I started with the swab in the right upper corner (when looking at the camera sensor) and passed it 3 times and the particle did not come out..i shined a bright light on the sensor and saw the particle in the bottom middle of the sensor so on pass #4 i started with the swab in the bottom right corner and everything worked.For some reason i am thinking that the width of the swab is not the same as the height of sensor.. maybe i am wrong, or thats how it is.Anyway, my sensor is perfectly clean.. this package was the one of the least expensive of the bunch.. I highly recommend to try this before spending $$$ of money to send in your camera (unless you have $$$ to spend)
Does what it’s supposed to with relatively easy to follow instructions. Cant mess it up if you follow the instructions
I had to use three to get my sensor cleaned and completely free of dust. After each cleaning, then rechecking, while it was cleaner (fewer dust spots) it seemed some of the dust was more pushed around and just in different places, but in the end it did do the job. Clean ALL the rest of your camera very well first to make certain you are not intruding more dust beneath the lens when you open it up and raise the mirror. If subsequent cleanings also take two or three tries they can be a little costy.
Works exactly as you'd hope. Nice tough packaging so the extra will likely still be good when you need them a year or two later.
I had a stubborn speck of dust just left of center of my Nikon DSLR which was ruining my photos (especially those taken at smaller apertures). I have a handheld squeezable rocket blower which could not get rid of that speck.I purchased this and now my sensor is clean again. It was super easy to do with a fully charged battery and mirror lockup for cleaning enabled via the camera menu.And now I have a lifetime supply since the kit comes with 12 swabs and I only anticipate needing these rarely. It worked really well for me and I am very satisfied.
Since I haven't been out to shoot, can't tell much but sensor looks really clean!
I had a few smudges on my sensor, so I needed a cleaning kit. I saw some for $40+ and thought that was crazy for a few swaps and some cleaning fluid. I got these for about a third of that, and they worked great. Wet the swab, sweep it across the sensor from left to right. Flip it over, and sweep it from right to left, and that was it, a clean sensor. No more smudges, no more dust. Yay!
I had a spot on my camera but didn't want to find a place to clean it and spend tons of money doing it. read about this item on a photography site. it's very good and inexpensive.
I was clumsy and left a large fingerprint on the sensor of my Canon M6. This kit was very easy to use and completely effective at removing the fingerprint. Would recommend.