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K&F SJ51 GND8 100*150mm Soft 3 f-stop Graduated Neutral Density Filter

SKU: KF01.1147

As a Landscape photographer i use Graduated filters in most of my shoots its very rare that I don't used one. After using L*% resin filters for a number of years i thought i would give something different a go. The K&F filters are quality glass and after using these i have found that the overall image quality compared with my old filters seems much better with than resin filters. Resin filters create extra noise in the image these K&F filters create a lot less
The Soft Graduated Filter is great to use at sunrise or sunset when you need to balance the dark foreground with the bright sky. It is also great if you wish to add a little more drama to the scene in the middle of the day by using it to darken the sky.

Great Filters well worth the money