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DSLR Camera Travel Backpack for Outdoor Photography 18.9*11.4*6.7 inches

SKU: KF13.080

Magnetic clasp peels off
We bought this camera bag to use on several trips, thinking that the convenience of being able to take the camera out without having to unpack everything else would be nice to have. It serves that purpose well. The bag itself feels stiff on the back, probably due to the reinforced backing. That itself is not a problem, but something to be aware of. The convenience of being able to remove the camera easily is there and is very handy. The protection for the camera appears solid. The ease of removing the camera is great. The one gripe I have is the magnetic clasp used to hold the compartment closed. It is affixed to the bag with two folded metal strips. When opening the top lid on our first trip, the clasp separated from the fabric. It was nearly impossible to get it to stay after that, and led to us completing our trip with the top lid half closed. Durability is not there for the top lid.