49mm Black Pro-Mist Filter 1 Special Effects Filter Cinematic Look Black Diffusion Effect Filter for Camera Lens Nano-X Series

SKU: KF01.1661

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I was super impressed with this diffusion filter!
So I think a lot of folks involved in video product are very familiar with the Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters. This is K&F's version of that filter. I will go into what I think about the filter but you can also judge for yourself in one of the pictures in this review where I show you the same image; the first without the filter then with the filter.

One of the results you get with a filter of this type is blooming of the highlights. This filter does quite a good job of that. Comparing the bloom to the Tiffen line I would say it falls between Tiffen's 1/2 and 1/4 strength with it being closer to the 1/4. The highlight fall of was strong but natural in my opinion. Keep in mind the light in the image fills the frame so you are seeing this particular effect of this filter at it's most extreme. You won't see that much blooming in a more natural setting. Take a look at the highlights on the camera. To me the K&F filter had a great effect on the highlight roll off which was very smooth.

The other effect you get with a black mist filter is the slightly reduced contrast and the slight softening of the shadows. To me I thought this filter did this quite well. If you look at the texture on the handle of the camera in the image you can see how it's just sort of softened that texture. Imagine shooting a person and you can imagine how much you would be able to smooth out the skin.

It also comes in a nice little screw together plastic case. Inside the case are these little rubber stopper than prevent the filter from sliding around in the case. I love the attention to detail here.

So compared to the Tiffen version of this lens at the size I got which was 82mm the K&F Black Mist is about $40 cheaper. I think you are getting a lot of value for your money here. I can't wait to try out this filter on some upcoming shoots.

I think K&F is making a move into higher end filters and if this filter is an example of the kind of quality they can produce, I can't wait to see what filter they release next.
I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter!
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