49mm Black Diffusion Pro-Mist 1/4 + 1/8 Filter Kit Cinematic Effect Filter for Vlog/Video/Portrait Image with 28 Multi-Layer Coated-Nano-X

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A must-have tool for videographers
Diffusion filters are a great tool for softening skin and "blooming" highlights. They can minimize the "digital video" look and yield a "cinematic" (sorry, I have to use that term) quality to otherwise overly sharp images. Unlike the old, messy trick of smearing grease on a clear lens, mist filters will retain detail while also softening. Seems contradictory, but once you try it you will see what I mean. The effect can dramatic in high contrast lighting with practical lights (visible in frame). The effect is less visible in flat lighting, but can still be effective.

Unlike neutral density filters, black mist diffusion filters typically do not impose a color cast. From my testing, the K&F Concept filters are neutral and work very well, especially for the price. The 1/8 is fairly subtle, and holds detail well. The 1/4 is stronger and what I would most likely try first, but does obscure some fine details. Note that diffusion tends to become more pronounced when shooting with a longer lens, or small aperture. So, testing and a good monitor is always necessary.

These filters have a nice grip to the outer ring, which makes installation and removal easy. They are threaded on the front if you decide to stack other filters in front. They also ship in a nice cary case, although I transport my collection of filters in a large filter organizer.

For the price, these filters are a great value, and well worth having in any videographer's tool kit.
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