Double Strap Adjustable Digital Camera Double Shoulder Quick Release Camera Strap Camcorder Straps

SKU: GW44.0002

  • 19.99
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Helped a Lot!
It worked well!
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Works well
Bought for walking - 1.5 hours plus. Music very clear, previous earplugs which came with phone fell out very 5 minutes so a waste of time, these did not fall out so fit for purpose. Comfortable.I liked the fact that you could hear other noises - traffic people etc, which is important for safety reasons, but as not obtrusive so did not have to use too loud so my hearing was unlikely to be damaged. But this would mean that earphones are not suitable to use on a train or plane where background noise is high.
Ryan M Scarlett
Works well...
Seems to work well for what I need. The on board speaker could be better.
Works well
I have used many range finders. This one is definitely the best bang for the buck. I read some previous reviews that claimed it was slow. Maybe a 1/4 of a second slower than an more expensive one. Isn't an issue. I recommend this.
Jenny Wilson
Works well
We've only used it once so far but it worked well for an outdoor sleepover. We don't have the screen yet but was able to use a white sheet until we are able to get one.
Chi Ejiofor
Well recommended!
Now I've not used this product, but have been told by who I bought it for that is brilliant! They say it is very calming, comfortable, and works extremely well. Very happy with it!
Christopher Laudato
Works well
It does improve the Golf game. I was surprise to see how far off the course distance markers were. especially effective when under 100 yards. able to place balls closer to the pins.
works well
bluetooth has its good points as well as its disappointments and places/times it is more trouble than it is useful. (battery life and actual range is almost always false advertising)A hard wired around the ear design works very well ... as long as you can keep the cord from snagging on things like doorknobs or other snags... they last a long time. I constantly listen to audio books and/or music so I tried just about every type of wired or wireless ear buds or mini split headphone out there.I like these because they stay put on bike-rides or when moving around. Most ear bud designs force you to have the ear bud 100% in your ear. Any ear bud hurts your ear but these can be used offset (not fully in ear) for long term use without pain, For audio books I typically only use one then switch sides every so often. It is nice not to be forced to keep the bud fully in ear. These have a nice volume, the around the ear design and bar across the ear lets u do that .
Mimi from Boston
Works well!
These work well for me. I wanted a wired pair that stayed securely in my ears if i walk or jog. I’m happy with my purchase.