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These pictures were both shot with an 1.4 aperture in the middle of the day at a shutter speed of 400. Normally to use F1.4 during the day I essentially have to max out my shutter speed just to get something semi usable. And even then the exposure is usually blown out. But with my shutter speed not even half way maxed out I’ve got a completely usable photo that with room to further fine tune if needed. Plus I have the added benefit of having a polarizer lens so I won’t have to worry about reflections in that harsh lighting! Honestly get it. There’s no real reason not to.
good product to purchase
I’ve been wanting to buy an VND filter for a while but with so many brands…. I couldn’t decide. I finally made the jump with the K&F thanks to the low price point. I thought, “ant this price I’m not losing annything. Besides I can return it if I don’t like it. let me tell you that I couldn’t be happier. The built in Polarizer gives beautiful colors as you can see in my shots above. It hardly ever leaves my lens. I bought it for my RF 50mm f1.8 and now Im going to get one for all of my lenses.
Small price, big results. Small price, big results. Small price, big results. Small price, big results.
It’s great to have polarized and ND in the same filter, tint it’s a little yellow but the glass quality it’s great, the coating rejects liquids very efficiently even test it filming a car video with rain and the quality of the image was really good
Great for both uses
It is a variable and polarizing ND filter. The ND is 5 steps, there are double, 10 steps (ND1000, 1024 to be exact). The polarizing filter eliminates light reflections on surfaces, cars, water, glass, also enhances the colors of the sky, leaves, asphalt, etc... (for more information search the Internet ) I personally use it for video, so as not to lose aperture-closing depth of field (f9 forward, now I can go to f2.3 without burning the frames due to excess light). I haven't removed it from my 35mm in a while, I'm delighted. The filter is made of metal and glass, presented in a rigid plastic case for storage. You can see the protective and anti-glare layers of a greenish color and you can put the dingle on it which holds quite well without staining. The lever changes the density of the filter and the other ring moves the polarizing filter. You have to be careful with this because you can move both carelessly. In the pictures you see the filter attached to an adapter, (step-up 49mm to 67mm) this is because I have 67 and 49 filters, my advice is to buy large filters then "step-up" adapters ". On image quality. Well, excellent: there are no casts, no chromatic aberration, no loss of definition or the terrible X of the ND gradual filters appear. I have a very expensive polarizing filter and barely notice the difference on it. As a negative point although I have already said it,
Filter all in 1 Filter all in 1 Filter all in 1 Filter all in 1 Filter all in 1 Filter all in 1
This product is the best value ND filter out there.
-Very little color shift, easy to correct in post or by white balancing camera
-No X or Vignetting when shooting 24mm. It does apparently vignette at lower focal lengths, but I had no issues
-No visible image quality drop that I can see
-Polarizer words great, a must have for increasing saturation and controlling reflections. This was the reason I got this particular filter; the added polarizer was necessary to deepen colors and reduce glare.
-Plenty of stops of ND to shoot video in daylight with f/2.8 in more shadowy areas and f/5.6 everywhere else (shutter 180º and ISO 200).

I cannot recommend this product enough, it works great and I take it with me whenever I shoot now.
Dear kF, I want to thank you for your follow up message regarding my satisfaction on my order. You really care about customer service and really appreciate that...the ND 67mm is amazing and I'm very happy with it. I know this is about reviewing the product, but I'm so grateful that I went above and beyond for your customer and it's priceless. I recommend this product and the shopping experience. Thanks for doing it right.
Well-made ND filter Well-made ND filter Well-made ND filter Well-made ND filter
I've been using this CPL/Density filter for about a month and it's amazing. I do inventory photos for a few dealerships and it works great in harsh light and balancing/removing reflections. As for its use on landscapes and portraits, it really helps to tone down the highlights to give better editing control and to deepen other areas of color that you often lose. The only downside is that I can't use my sun visor for "shock protection" because you can't use powerline with sun visor. Currently using this filter on a Tamron 24-70 G2
Great addition to any lens! Great addition to any lens! Great addition to any lens! Great addition to any lens!
I purchased this specifically for shooting landscape photos on a recent vacation. Photography is a hobby for me not a profession. I was very pleased with the outcome. Settings used for photo included in this review were: ISO 250; Exposure 1/13; Aperature f/18
Works For Me
This filter turned out to be better than I expected.The construction is very solid and the rings turn smoothly.I am very pleased with the results it gives but I would advice caution when using it on ultra wide lenses.All in all another winner from K&F!