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I've had a few E>MD adapters before, but this one makes a very high-quality impression and sits neatly on the camera and lens. The red/orange colored ring also looks beautiful.
Great adapter Great adapter
Super precise adapter ring fits perfectly. Cat photo taken with Sony Alpha 7 II, 58 mm Vivitar 100-200 MM 1:4 MC Macro focus zoom, Hoya HMC 58 mm Skylight (1A)
Perfect adapter Perfect adapter Perfect adapter Perfect adapter Perfect adapter Perfect adapter
Thanks to the integrated K&F adapter adjustment ring, the aperture can also be adjusted manually with the Nikon AF zoom lens. Unfortunately no aperture magnification. The craftsmanship is of high quality and has a precise fit.
Tokina-Nikon Zoom and Nikon AF-Zoom lens fit exactly on the K&F adapter on Sony alpha 6300 Tokina-Nikon Zoom and Nikon AF-Zoom lens fit exactly on the K&F adapter on Sony alpha 6300
Really easy to use. It does what it says on the tin very well. It feels sturdy on my Sony A5100, no wobble. It can easily accommodate a heavy telephoto lens. The aperture ring works well and is easy to operate (you can monitor the effects of increasing or decreasing the aperture on your screen). Everything fits neatly, really precise technology! I'm very happy to be able to use my old, high-quality Minolta lenses in this way, especially at this price. This obviously does not have autofocus, but it does not seem to change the image quality. Thank you K&FConcept!
Rea Rea Rea
When it comes to third-party manufacturers, you can always be a little skeptical at first about the quality of workmanship, 100% compatibility and possible functional limitations... But this adapter ring for Sony E really works great! Because no additional optics/glass have been installed here, there is no risk of the quality of the images deteriorating. The adapter basically only transmits the “control signals” between lens and camera and connects them absolutely and securely at all times with its metal bayonet. Unreservedly recommended to everyone
initially skeptical, but 1:1 like the original initially skeptical, but 1:1 like the original
The adapter is robust, but unfortunately (as usual) autofocus or digital control of the lenses is not possible. I keep it because it can be useful for using a wide angle lens that I use with Canon, but its use is VERY limited.
Robust, without aperture, feels good, the only downside, perhaps a little heavier (it fully compensates for this compared to others because it feels solid and without holes) and perhaps the biggest drawback, with lenses where the aperture is not manual, you that does not close the aperture through the camera.
What can you say, everything fits, nothing wobbles or goes strictly on the lens mount. Quality, neatly processed. It amazes me how good photos are still possible with the old lenses. Interesting bokeh effects are possible -> of course only manual focus, but this also has a special appeal, just like before :-)
The adapter fits very well on the bayonet of the A7M3 and the Minolta lenses. Matte coated on the inside and can be easily closed on both sides. Especially for beginners in photography, modifying old lenses is a cheap alternative to using high-quality lenses.
I bought the adapter to use Minolta MD lenses on my Sony A6000. The adapters start at ~EUR 12.00, but I decided to buy the K&F adapter for ~EUR 28.00. And without knowing the other adapters, I have to say I was totally impressed with the K&F product. The adapter and lenses are extremely easy to install, click into place and go back down smoothly. The adapter also feels extremely valuable and is made entirely of metal. It comes in a small storage box. I don't know what could be done better with an adapter. Hence 5 stars. Many greetings, Thorsten