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Very happy with my purchase
Awesome Camera Bag. It had plenty of room. You can set this back up anyway you want to use with a DSL camera or small drone. K & F Concept bag had lots of departments. You can also carry a tablet and a small laptop. The material is very strong so are the zippers.
I got a new job that requires me to carry my camera and my tablet on the job. I have to walk between buildings. I also did not want it to be obvious that I was carrying a camera. This looks like a college backpack. Perfect. Extremely safe looking for the outside that it is "just" a backpack. You open it up and wow. There is a place to carry a tripod outside and that works fine. The inside super soft and well insulated for camera parts is fantastic. Like the zippered sections to carry my memory cards and know exactly where they are in the bag. No floating to the bottom of the bag lost! The camera sits so well protected it is amazing. I also like the extra secure straps on the outside that do not come loose to let the bag fall. It is very secure. This bag is super well made. I am going to get a lock as there is a spot to secure the main part with a padlock not included. That would come in very handy for the work place.the padding is thicker and more secure than my previous camera bag which is a huge asset.
This is fantastic quality and probably the best camera bag I have ever bought! The padding is really thick all the way round the outside of the bag. Also the dividers in the bag are really good quality too and I trust this would easily protect my expensive equipment even if dropped
So I got this for my wife, and she LOVES it. She takes pictures of things she produces, for her online shop, and something like this allows her to hold her camera, accessories, laptop, and still has plenty of room for materials if she wants to fabricate on the go. The straps are all sturdy, yet very comfortable, and the belt strap can be removed if you wish. It has a rain poncho (we'll use it when we go to theme parks I'm sure) as well as several waterproof zippered pockets inside. On the sides, you can store your tripod(s) or anything else in the beverage sized pockets. It's exactly what she needed. Great backpack!
Tons of room, loads of compartments, the perfect backpack! Tons of room, loads of compartments, the perfect backpack!
Great quality! Well made, great materials and strong zippers. Wonderful padding in the back and round the waist. Also very pleased with the interior pockets and the adjustable compartment. This is my second one!
Product arrived on time. This is an excellent product. I was in dilemma first to buy this or not. Glad i made a right decision. This will protect my gear very easily. It has padding on front and back. Very clever design to make sure camera and glass are safe. It even included a rain protection cover. Very well thought out design. I definitely recommend this to anybody who is considering new bag.Pros:1. good padding on all sides to protect the gear2. very comfortable to wear this and keep it long time on your back3. comes with a rain coat cover for the backpack incase of an emergency4. includes a lens cleaning kit5. I can easily place all my lens in different compartments and adjust if needed6. flash cards can be stored easily and see them on the other side7. you can carry hard drive and laptop in the front side. Again well protected.Cons:none so far.I will provide more information after may be in 3 - 6 months.Thanks.
This is an excellent product. I was in dilemma first to buy ... This is an excellent product. I was in dilemma first to buy ... This is an excellent product. I was in dilemma first to buy ... This is an excellent product. I was in dilemma first to buy ...
This K&F Concept backpack allows good protection for my camera equipment. I found that the internal storage has a lot of flexibility using the supplied dividers which comprise two main vertical dividers along with seven smaller horizontal ones. I found it best to start by removing them all then laying out my equipment in the backpack adding dividers back in as needed (see photos below). I was able to pack My DSLR camera with 28-300 zoom lens attached along with another bulky zoom lens. I also packed my 35mm film camera with zoom lens, a flashgun, some filters and the backpack rain cover. On the inner surface of the rear zipped panel I found three useful pockets which allowed me to store additional filters, remote shutter etc. The main storage compartment zips have loops allowing the use of a small travel padlock.As a storage option I just packed my DSLR camera, lenses and flash which left me space to pack a dry bag for carrying hiking bits I sometimes need (gels, compass, first aid etc.).Outside the backpack on both sides are two stretch pockets which enabled me to carry a light weight rain coat and a water bottle. Inside the rear zipped panel is a compartment where I could store a small computer such as the Surface Pro (or an IPad).Straps on the rear panel allowed me to attach a tripod quite easily. The tripod is attached by using the fold out pocket stored in the bottom of the backpack along with the two straps attached to the outer surface of the rear zipped panel. I found I could carry either a medium sized tripod or a light weight travel tripod (see photos).The shoulder straps are well padded and there is good back padding covered with air-mesh for air flow. It has an adjustable chest strap and the waist belt easily fits a 36” waist with plenty more adjustment available. The backpack looks like a business bag rather than a hiking bag and certainly seems to give good all round protection for my camera equipment. I am pleased with the product it gives safe storage and portability for at least two cameras, 3 or 4 lenses, a flash, filters and a small computer.
Comfortable to wear and good storage Comfortable to wear and good storage
It takes my 2 Canon EOS cameras, with lenses fitted, 4 other lenses, and I reckon there is still space for an exterior flash device! My wife's I pad should fit in no problem and there is room for filters and memory cards plus paperwork and passports! can't wait to go on the next trip and try it out!
This is a good quality pack I'm using for my quad flying, so am not using it for it's intended purpose, so my main criticism probably isn't fair: I wish it had more internal divider options. As it is, you get a tone of little dividers to break up the area between the 2 main long dividers. I would have liked some other options in there to allow for a more flexible set ups for my RC gear, the 2 main dividers really do only have a couple of sensible ways they can be used.But, as I said, if i was using this for 2 DSLRs or whatever, I'd be happy. It is a well made bag, with comfortable straps and good quality zips. Worth the price so far anyway.