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Overall Rating 4.8   144
I like this product, but it's not entirely true when it says "No vignetting" because at 24mm it creates on the edge in portrait. Otherwise, it seems to me to be completely acceptable and of good quality. I think it should, bring a pin in order to rotate more easily, because it is thin, it ends up making it a little difficult, because it gets quite stuck in the lens when you try to rotate it
I’m the kind of person that reads all the negative reviews before I buy so I had my doubts. But the filter fits well, slides around easily and can be removed without problems. Decent value.
I was especially impressed by the thoughtful case. Although the case is full size it has grooves that actually hold any size filter in one position and don’t allow it to rattle around inside the case.
I’ve just taken a few shots and they look fine and my filter doesn’t seem to suffer from any of the coating issue that a couple of negative comments claimed.
I’m happy so far.
Nicely made and seems to be a good value
I use the filter on a Sigma 150=600 and a Nikon 200-500 for bird photos. I'm in Hawaii shooting around water. Great for saturation and reflections. Low profile. It forecloses using a hood. No biggie.
In careful tests I couldn't see any optical distortion from this CPL filter. It can be, however, sometimes difficult to remove.
Great product and really does everything above and beyond , you can really see it in post editing too
Wonderful piece of glass to have!
The filter works fine. The delivery too.
Was fantastic for the brief time I had it, used it on a piece of Canon L glass and when doing a shoot up a mountain my camera slipped out of uts holster and dropped ~6feet to stone it shattered but stayed intact and did not transfer hardly any energy to the lense, it also didn't create any sharp edges as it stayed together and was very safe. 10 out of 10 will be buying again.
Good quality and works
K&F is a relatively new brand to me, but they have yet to disappoint. Their products are great quality, and are competitively priced. The VND filter and CPL filters both work well on their own, or stacked with eachother. The fit and finish is spot on, and feels like quality. Depending on what version of their products you get, you’ll either get anodized black or a copper/ orange color. They seem to protect the main lens glass well, and don’t budge at all once snugged down. Highly recommend their products!