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Need to shoot in 35mm mode otherwise there is a strong vignetting and, even so, there is some vignetting left – but I usually add vignetting so is not a big deal.

In 35mm mode you are still getting about 30Mb resolution images (6768*4512 pixels) that is even more than necessary to print up to A2 size – I don't need a native lens for great bokeh portraiture.

The image was created in 35mm mode with a SMC Pentax-M 1:4/50 at f1.4 – on the GFX this is equivalent as a 40mm f/1.11 lens
Also tried an SMC Pentax-M 2:8/28 – on the GFX this is equivalent as a 22mm f/2.21 lens a pretty wide angle.

Focus is manual only – anyways both lenses are manual only – and there is no electronics so no EXIF info, but I don't see this as a problem as will use the 50 only at f/1.4 and the 28 just to play with wide angles.

Now curious to see the effect with a 50/58mm f/1.2 lens...