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Like it. Low cost, giftable, neighbors want to borrow it already
Nice looking, and light.
I just moved on to a 1 acre lot that has never been developed, so of course, I was curious, lol. Wherever I'm digging fence posts, I've been using the metal detector, but I haven't found anything yet other than nails and other metallic objects. But that is also a positive because with my dog running around, it's good to know she won't get injured by a nail that eventually may make its way to ground level because of a rainstorm. But I will be taking it with me when I go camping.

The detector is lightweight, so no issues there if you have shoulder pain, etc. I do have soreness in my hands, probably CTS, but considering how lightweight the detector is, it's a non-issue. It's also long enough so you don't have to worry about hunching over.

It truly can't be easier to use. And the screen is clear, large, and easy to read. I haven't tried it yet with headphones, but that is an option. I did test the detector by putting beer caps on the floor and other objects, and it does detect the type of object. So never having a metal detector before and now I'm 51 years old, dare I say this is cool and I enjoy using it? Let's see what happens on the next camping trip. I still have plenty of posts to dig (3 more sides remain), so I will be using it more, and then I'll work my way towards the inside of the lot. Initially, I tested the area where the garage was being built, so that was my rush to get the detector, and of course, it was shipped and received promptly.

Happy searching! And when I find something cool on this lot or camping, I'll update the post.
It’s an easy to use gadget, nice techniques and cool device to handle manually. I truly recommend this device.
Easy to use gadget
Love the purple color! Easily put together! Very easy to operate and light! New toy for mom very much appreciated!
It's wonderfully light!
A high quality product
I am very excited because it complies with everything it promises it is easy to use I recommend it 100%
In a nutshell, 100 percent recommended.
Ordered this for my daughter to use at the beach. It’s pretty light weight and easy to use. It’s not very pro-like, it is more like a toy. My daughter loved it. The one thing I hate is the fact that it’s battery operated. I hope it lasts!
Cool for kids
Purchased as a gift for my dad who just retired. Very decent price for what you get. Good starter metal detector. Arrived on time and packaged well.
Great Value !
I love it. Great product it’s exactly what I need. Great deal.
Elias rivas
I got this for my daughters birthday and she loves it! Was easy to put together and she was using it within 5 minutes of opening it. Does great and is accurate. Has a storage/carrying bag. It shows depth and also adjusts well depending on how tall the user is. I’d highly recommend.
Works great!