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I think it's a very good foot tool, you can see that the material with which it was made is quite good and has excellent hardness, it has a good finish and it only remains to test it in the field feet in water I tried it at home and it works very well
The goods came very quickly and was also well packed.

If you have any questions, the seller answers quickly and he is very friendly.

The Metal Detector is very handy, light and the operation is self-explanatory.

My son has a lot of fun because he has already found his first penny coins in the sandbox on a playground. The detector has different beeps that you can set and if you don't want the detector to beep, you can just set it on vibrate. The detector is robust and very stable. We've already tested the detector in the bathtub. It works well under water and is also waterproof.

My son is totally satisfied, is out more than the last few months. We'd definitely buy the detector again. A clear purchase recommendation from us.

Included are: Detector, user manual, battery, belt holder and storage bag.
Good metal detector for small money Good metal detector for small money
It is perfect for both beginners in detection and for those who are already in this Hobby. It also detects up to sizes of rice grains, it is easy to use and has three modes of use, vibration, vibration with beep and beep only. What more can I say that for mine it's perfect.
Perfect for metal detection Perfect for metal detection
All well accurately describe good value for money and easy to use. I bought it for the 13th birthday of my son and he is delighted. He just complains that it should be a little longer to have to be so crouched all the time.
I bought it for my 13-year-old son and he's delighted
Super efficient pin pointer, ideal to complete my detection equipment without spending a fortune.
As effective as much more expensive models, this pin pointer is great when you spot with the big detector a buried treasure. To find the piece either in the hole or in the clod nothing better than the pine point.
With sound mode, vibration or both according to our preference.
On the leaflet it says waterproof but I did not have the opportunity to test.
I recommend without hesitation
Pin pointer Pin pointer Pin pointer
We ordered this Sunpow pinpointer as a supplement to our large metal detector so that we can better locate finds. And I have to say that this pinpointer fulfills this purpose perfectly! We are extremely satisfied. He doesn't have any discrimination, but I think that's normal for Pinpointer. Finds every metal and beeps the same for every metal. But for that, you have the large metal detector to sort out and just search in the right place. We then do the finishing work with the Sunpow.

We have found that it does not reach the same depth for every earth or subsoil. It probably depends on the density and firmness. But it can reach up to 20 cm.

We take it with us for snorkeling, and only waterproof up to 2 m when I even reach 3, although we haven't reached that deep yet. Even under water, it vibrates and beeps as if on land. The light also works underwater and helps to find the find very well.

It only has one button, and I love that simplicity! Once pressed for a long time, it turns on or off. When it is on, a short press switches between beep, vibration and beep, and only vibration. The light is always on when it is on. And it's really incredibly helpful!

We are very satisfied with this pinpointer and will see numerous more explorations with it. That's why it's an absolute buy recommendation from me.
perfect sondel supplement & waterproof perfect sondel supplement & waterproof
For the price this pinpointer is absolutely perfect especially that it is fully waterproof you would pay alot more for one like this. Went out the day I got it and found a coin withing 15 minutes I was struggling to find items with just my big metal detector so this has helped alot to find exactly were it is under the ground.
Excellent pinpointer u will not be disappointed Excellent pinpointer u will not be disappointed
Mostly this has been a great pinpointer, contrary to what others have said:

1. It does beep faster as you get closer to the metal
2. You can change between beep with vibration and just vibration
3. It is now waterproof

So the issue... As others have also reported, it randomly will decide to just keep beeping as soon as you turn it on. You can still just about use it because it will beep even faster when close to an object, but you loose that first level of detection because usually that first beep tells you that you are near.

For the life of me I cannot figure out what causes it. Tried new batteries, removed the circuit board to check for loose wires, tried holding down the power button in case it resets the ground balance, but nothing. And then magically it will just work normally again.

It's a shame because now I don't feel I can trust it to be ready when I need it and will be looking for a new one. I would love to recommend it, but as I'm not the only person reporting this issue its clearly a common fault.


I just couldn't let it go, my engineer brain wasn't happy.... the issue is a tuning issue and can be remedied it seems. To 'fix' the issue take a small metal object and hold it near the LED before you turn it on (you might need to experiment with the position), it should now turn on and be silent. At that moment in time it is tuned WITH the metal object there and removing the object will give you a pinpointer with very low sensitivity (less than a inch!).

If you now turn it off, remove the metal object and turn it back on, it should be back to normal. Failing that you can permanently keep a metal object in that location, ideally slightly adjustable in position.


Previously the LED was pushed against a hole in the body of the pointer. That hole now has a waterproof resin seal over it. They have also upgraded the rubber seal on the lid.

Final words:

When it works and stays working, it really does have great sensitivity. The light is so useful that I can use this perfectly well in the dark as my only light source when looking for the find. If you happen to find yourself owning one of these then you will not be disappointed if you know how to keep it operating correctly.
When it works it's great When it works it's great
Good product, certainly not professional (for the power), but useful for having fun and spending some time at the beach. The fact that it is underwater makes it more interesting. Personally, I have not yet been lucky enough to find rings, necklaces, bracelets or coins, but I have done simulations and the alarm beep has always been activated. It works with 9v batteries, the price is low, and in the package there is also a case and a spring hook.
Interesting object. Interesting object. Interesting object.