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Item very good, fast delivery.
Was recommended this by a photographer friend and can agree, it's the best adapter ! Not at all wobbley. Great way to get more use out of some of the excellent OM lenses, that can be found quite inexpensively these days, on a modern camera.
Funcionó muy bien en mi Canon EOS, me permitió usar opticas viejas perfectamente. Buena calidad.
Did what was expected it made my 35 year old lenses from my Olypus work on my Canon EOS rebel
It fits my camera well and does the job
This is the best of its type. I got this one and a fotodiox adapter, and though the fotodiox om to ef works well, this one here works more smoothly and immediately without any struggle.
It fits my camera and my lenses but there is no way to "lock" it onto the lens. I won't carry a camera with the lens mounted to this, I'd be afraid of it falling off while walking. Thumbs not quite down, just sideways maybe.
I read that this is the better OM - EF adapter on Amazon and went with it. I've delt with many adapters and this one is probably the nicest looking and best built. I got this to put my Olympus 50mm f1.2 lens on my 5D Mark ii. It does it's job well and doesn't stick like some cheapy versions would. OM lenses have a rather odd release button though that makes it a little difficult to remove the adapter, but there's no way around that really. They included a mint colored lens band as well, with a 70-200 label on it. I threw it on my 17-40 and really, I admire the slight weirdness if it.
There are two connections. The Olympus lens to adapter, and the adapter to the EOS camera.The connection between the Olympus Lens and the adapter is nice and tight but the connection between the adapter and the camera is not tight enough. You can feel a very small wobble when applying pressure. I tried an EOS lens and it was snug; no movement. I tried body caps and they are tight so I added a shim. A piece of paper .003" thick and now it is snug; definitely not too tight...just snug. I do believe the oly side of the adapter is an improvement over the previous brands but also believe that the other side needs fattening up a few thousandths.
I bought this adaptor for an old manual focus Vivitar Series 1 90mm Macro lens. This is a superb lens for film or digital and I wanted a lens adaptor which was economical but would work smoothly and retain as many functions of my Canon cameras as possible.I tried a Fotodiox adaptor but the fit was very rough and too snug on my Canon EOS 5D Mk1. And on my Canon EOS 650 35mm film camera it was too loose and would not let the meter read properly. All I got was an "EE" total error. So I took the FOTODIOX back for a refund at the camera store.I found this adaptor by K&F. I don't have any other lens adaptors from this company but heard good reviews. It's a little more than the FOTODIOX. But at only $5 US more it fit my budget. When it arrived I first put it on the EOS 5D body. Perfect fit! Snug and smooth. And more important it UNmounted just as smoothly. Fotodiox product was difficult to remove. But the K&F came off like a Canon lens should.Then I put the Vivitar Series 1 lens on the adaptor. Also perfect! Focused to infinity and perfectly at very close Macro distances as well. Av and Manual mode metered perfectly as well, measured against my Gossen Luna Pro handheld meter.I next mounted both on my 1987 Canon EOS 650 35mm film camera, which I've had since it was new. I still shoot a lot of film for its unique look. I was surprised that the K&F adaptor went on smoothly and retained Av metering-even in Spot mode on this first EOS camera ever made! I like this adaptor so much I'm tempted to replace many of my Fotodiox lens adaptors with their brand. In any case I know that any new lens adaptors I purchase will be made by K&F