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Overall Rating 4.9   27
My grandchild, who is almost four years old, was thrilled. Tried everything right away.
What is not necessary is the games that are integrated there.
Unfortunately, they distract from the camera. The games that are included there are not necessary.
Excellent little camera. Brought for my 17 year old niece when she is out with her friends. She absolutely loves it. They all do that. A fantastic value for money. Fast delivery too.
I bought this camera for a birthday party. Was very good considering the price, easy to set up and the quality of the camera had a vintage/2000s look. Recommend it.
I gave it to my daughter for her 5th birthday, she loves it! Takes surprisingly great pictures and also offers games and framing options. She loved her gift! It's worth every penny to see her smile.
I gave this camera to my daughter for Christmas. We are very happy with it. Takes great pictures and videos. The shutter release is quick and you don't have to wait long for your picture. Which is very important for us. Have a spare battery with you and a memory card. So my daughter photographs everything and everyone. Battery lasts a very long time. When you charge the camera on your laptop or PC, it pulls all the images onto your laptop at once so that the memory card is always free for photos and videos. All in all, it's a great camera for young and old. Small, handy and light. Can only recommend these.
I then bought it for my 5 year old to take to a tractor show and he found it really easy to use, it came with accessories which was great. The battery runs out quite quickly, but you get an extra battery that you can take with you.
When I hit the city brake at halftime, I got this for my little one to take her own photos.
The camera looks very cute and compact. It came with a strap that is great to attach around your wrist or neck.
The camera also came with a 32GB memory card, which is more than enough to take lots of pictures.
Built-in camera batteries last very well, since the camera arrived, it didn't charge and it still has plenty of power.
Overall very cute camera, ideal for children, and came as a complete package including a memory card.
My grandchild received the camera for Christmas. We are thrilled with the pink color and the quality of the camera; it turned out to be a great gift for a fair price-performance ratio.
This camera is definitely one of the but I have been using it for a while based on the image and video quality. How easy it is to carry them around with me, all I had to do was throw them in my purse or bag.
The lens is highly recommended and for the price it is a must for anyone looking for a personal camera for adventure and fun. I suggest you always carry it in your bag like me.
Another great feature of this digital camera is that it charges quickly and records very quickly.
I bought this for my son after being harassed for six months before Christmas. He loves the color sky blue, which has now become his favorite color. He is an adult but has a learning disability. This camera has the slick look of a serious camera but is easy to use and not too heavy or bulky, so this was a good choice for my son. He was really excited about his camera and took lots of photos with it on Christmas Day. I used it before packaging to check usability and functionality. While it's not suitable for most serious photographers, it's an affordable device that aspiring photographers can use to learn the basics. In addition, the variety of colors on offer means that it is attractive to the younger target group.
Perfect Christmas gift Perfect Christmas gift Perfect Christmas gift Perfect Christmas gift