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The quality is top! The resolutions can be selected to be extremely high, even if the camera does not record on the inside. However, 1080p is sufficient for me! I don't need anything more because I only use videos in HD anyway. During the day, the images are razor-sharp and you can see everything without any problems. At night, the camera that shows the interior is operated with infrared and the quality is ok here too. Even if you can see some pixels here, this cam does a great job.

The camera facing the street is without infrared in the dark and you can only see what is in the light cone. Even if you can turn the exposure up a bit, I wouldn't do this in terms of quality. The photos taken at night are completely ok and usable even in low light.

The quality of the photos is really great during the day! In the evening, however, pixels can be seen in the photos. However, since I rarely use the photos, this doesn't really bother me.

The functions like parking mode work well. However, you have to make sure that the camera is not completely exposed. However, in standby (screen saver) this works perfectly! The G-sensor works reliably in all 3 modes. The lane assistant also does what it is supposed to do as long as there is a middle road marking.
Great camera Great camera
Nothing is too expensive for me when it comes to the safety of my new driver. I've already bought cameras on sale, but the operation and recording are poor and if the recordings aren't clear, I don't have any idea of ​​the result. Who gives way to whom because a small and slow car is driving is interesting. Or the pushers from behind. Unfortunately not visible in the first shots, this is due to the lack of a back wiper and the rain. But otherwise the view is extremely clear even to the rear, especially since the car has no rear seats and you can therefore take photos through the rear window.
Apparently it makes a difference how expensive the purchase price is Apparently it makes a difference how expensive the purchase price is Apparently it makes a difference how expensive the purchase price is
I have owned the K&F Concept Dual for more than 4 months now and would like to briefly share my experience.
First of all, I am still convinced of the dashcam! Overall, it delivers a good image, even very good images during the day, although it must of course be said that this model also does not have autofocus and therefore does not focus infinitely. Unfortunately, you can no longer read license plates or signs at night, but almost all dash cams in this price range have this problem. If an accident occurs, the video can also be used to reconstruct the accident at night.
I only use the front camera. It's a shame that you can use both cameras at the same time, but only in Full HD mode. For example, if you want to operate the front camera at 60 FPS, you inevitably have to leave the rear camera switched off. The processor is probably unable to process the data. If you set a resolution higher than Full HD, I personally don't see any advantage in the image.

The motion mode works very well. I've had to brake hard several times and the camera reliably saved the current video. If you want, you can save the video yourself at the touch of a button.
Reliable dashcam for your car
I had repeatedly dealt with the topic of dashcams. Even when it was not yet allowed here in Germany to install a dashcam in the car and take recordings.

I looked at several dashcams and read relevant tests on the internet. After the field of possible models became smaller and smaller, three dash cams have emerged. In the end I decided on the dashcam. Although it is significantly more expensive than other dash cams, it also offers more options and functions that other dash cams do not offer. I have also published a detailed test on my blog so that others can also find out more about this dash cam.


- Video recordings of what is happening in front of the vehicle and from inside the vehicle or, depending on the car model and the occupancy of the rear seats, also of what is happening behind the car - Cameras can
record simultaneously in dual mode
- The front camera can also be used alone if there are no recordings from the driver's cab are desired
- good recordings at night (good light sensitivity of the front camera and infrared light support of the rear camera)
- loop recordings: Individual clips are recorded and overwritten if no accident occurs or a recording is blocked manually
- optional GPS -Receiver can be used as an accessory


- No micro SD memory card included, must be purchased separately
- not every Micro SD memory card is supported (recommendation: Sandisk Micro SD 128 GB)
- When the sun is low, the recordings from the rear camera, which show what is happening behind the car, are sometimes overexposed
- comparatively high price

I can recommend this dash cam I'm very happy with this. I got the charging cable routed well in my car (Kia Ceed).
I got this for my dad's car.
First and foremost, in the box you get the dashcam, a windshield mount, a USB cable and the charger.
I like that the included charger has an additional USB port for charging other devices.
The build quality of the camera is great. It's half metal and half plastic and it definitely looks like an expensive camera.
It has a mini USB port instead of USB-C. I wish they had used USB-C as it is becoming standard pretty quickly.
I like that the windshield mount also has a mini USB port in case you hardwire it.
It has a smaller screen than the Vantrue N4. It is a high-resolution screen so you can still watch the recorded videos. The menus are easy to understand and since there are six buttons to control the camera, it is quite easy to use.
I have a 64 gigabyte microSD card that I use with this dash cam. Using both cameras will give you approximately 3.5 hours of footage (1080p-60fps or 1440p-30fps). If you just use the main camera, you'll get six hours.
The video quality is great especially at night. My old camera was useless at night. I can read all signs and license plates. It's even better during the day.
This is an absolute necessity to anybody's vehicle. Image quality is good AND it might just be a saving grace to insurance claims. You can connect your iOS or Android devices with the camera.

The car driving recorder will start and record when the engine starts, and automatically save and shut down when the engine is stopped.

Great camera, a must in every vehicle.
I’ve had a dash camera hard wired in my car for several years now and wouldn’t be without one!

This camera is affordable and contains all the parts required to get set up and started. I found the instructions were a little confusing, badly translated and difficult to understand and follow.
I ended up playing with the unit and exploring the settings on the camera and downloaded the app in order to get to know the functions.
Unfortunately for me, the camera powers via a USB-C lead as opposed to my already hardwired mini USB lead. I initially tested it out using the car charger leads provided, but I also ordered a small (mini USB to USB-C) adapter, in order to attach it to my already fitted leads. Thankfully, it appears to be working perfectly!

The unit looks small and compact, stylish and non obtrusive mounted on the reverse of the rear view mirror using the relevant sticky pad mount.
I had hoped to use the suction mount on the windscreen but the positioning of the lead adapter wouldn’t allow for this option.
I attached the rear camera (which I’ve not had before) using a sticky pad, as I didn’t want to make holes by using screws. I managed to hide the wire along the internal car trims to an acceptable standard, the wire is fairly thick so not as easy as I’d hoped.

I was very impressed with the picture quality and viewing angle of both cameras.
The playback quality on the app is great, you can choose between front or rear camera footage and download it to your phone for editing and sharing.
A 64gb Micro SD card (and USB card reader) is included and the recording is on a loop so will overwrite any unlocked files, you can choose the length of the clips. It has several other features such as parking sensor, collision detection, audio on/off, etc.

In summary, this is a very good quality dash camera which is reasonably priced.
For the price is absolute brilliant
Easy to set up and use
Comes with full instructions
Can be used via cigarette lighter or wired in
Really good picture quality
Nice wide angle filming feature
A must for all cars
Highly recommended
5 Stars
I bought the dashcam for my car because I primarily want to detect collisions and vandalism in parking mode. My car has been the victim of mindless vandalism on the road several times in the form of scratches all over the side of the vehicle. Furthermore, I had a big bump in the bumper of my last vehicle due to incompetent parking maneuvers by other drivers.
It was important to me that the dashcam films both front and rear and takes good, recognizable recordings even at night.
I hard-wired the cam to a fuse in the car for the panoramic glass roof and mounted the camera to the mount above the rearview mirror. I hid the cable completely in the fairing and that's a neat story.
The camera has a sharp image and the night vision mode even allows you to recognize license plates and faces that are being filmed backwards. For parking surveillance, it makes sense to choose a slightly lower position for the camera, so that at the right angle the face height of people passing by can be seen through the rear and side windows.
The G-sensor is also great, as it saves a secure recording without the risk of being overwritten in the event of a bump or accident.
Since I connected the camera to a continuous power fuse in the vehicle, it was important that the power consumption was not so high. In my tests so far, the camera ran for 4-5 days without the vehicle being moved and the car started wonderfully. It also has a battery monitor built in and would shut off if the voltage was too low. I've never been that far before.
The helpful support via email or chat is also worthy of praise! I was even sent a specially adapted firmware for which I had previously expressed individual settings wishes! Top!
Dash cams are becoming more and more common place as people look to protect and cover themselves when it comes to accidents and insurance, so one like this could come in vital.

Firstly, I find the picture quality to be good and the details to be clear, both on the rear and front facing camera, which are 1080P and 2.5K respectively. It's also good at capturing video during night and low light conditions, so it can be used 24 hours a day.

It's easy to set up and feels stable once in place. It also comes with a 64GB SD card included, so you've got everything you need to get going straight away.

You're also able to connect to the app, which allows you to view and download videos, as well as change settings and connect and share to social media.

All in all, it's a good dash cam set and good value as there's currently a 50% off voucher on the price of £69.99.

I hope you found this review helpful.