• 79.99
Overall Rating 4.8   16
The backpack is perfect for carrying camera, lenses, flash etc. around shoot locations. I have found I can carry a D850 body plus battery pack, four lenses and a flash unit, plus spare batteries and other bits in pieces. It is comfortable on the shoulders, and easy to access the various compartments. I'm really pleased with my purchase.
My equipment outgrew my old backpack. This one is perfect, and I love that it has compartments on the outside. It's also more sturdy than my old backback. I look forward to lugging it through Florida's state parks all summer.
Strong and just the right size Strong and just the right size Strong and just the right size Strong and just the right size
fits a ton of stuff! i really like it because it's not super big but still has a ton of space!
Completely what I wanted. It has space for my camera and gear and plenty of space for water bottles too! It held up well to hiking in the desert and didn’t become uncomfortable like my previous backpacks would. It packs a tripod very well, and despite climbing and scrambling over and under rocks my tripod was not pulled out.Unfortunately mine didn’t come with the Velcro strap, and I will leave that for my review of the seller.
Wanted something big enough to take to Utah for a shoot and carry 2 cameras, filters and a couple lenses for each. Just barely enough room, but did work. Good quality materials and build.
So this bag is actually smaller than I thought. I had purchased the TARION XH prior and really liked the bag but There were no outside bags meaning i had to open up them main compartment for everything wether an sd card, cable or gimbal. Now the comfortability for the XH is amazing, the straps feel great on shoulders. Received this one a few days ago and was able to fit everything and a little more than the XH. I love the way you have outside pockets for small storage. BUT the shoulder straps do not feel as comfortable, not enough padding on them and while with the other bag I could walk around with it without issues, with this TARION PRO the quicker i can get it off the better. Im thinking of returning it for that same reason. Other than that its not a bad back. But at the end of the day, and backpack that you cant stand on your back is not ideal.
Backpack is WAY to small!!!
The bag has great overall storage volume and the compartments make it hold lenses and cameras as well as other smaller items such as SD cards, filters, and battery chargers. The tripod holder on the outside is especially nice! Very comfortable to wear making carrying a large load wonderful. Quality materials and good overall construction.
I was never a big fan of camera backpacks. I prefer shoulder bags, but, these days, I carry several big lenses on many shoots and I need to have my gear with me in a way that doesn't hamper movement. This backpack beats all the competition for durability, function, and price point. I have to admit that I have been a fan of another company's bags for years, but, when I compare all the features, quality of materials, and the price, I really believe that Tarion bags are the best of category. This pack impressed my wife so much that she is buying one for all her gear. Once you see one of these in use, you'll want one, too.