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The ND filter from K&F Concept is delivered in an elegant black and gold cardboard box. There is also instructions inside that can be used to convert the packaging into a small picture frame. I love this upcycling idea! Inside the packaging, in addition to the actual filter, is a storage bag made of fabric and PU leather and a wrapped microfiber cloth for cleaning.

The actual product, the filter, is impeccably manufactured and appears very stable and valuable due to its weight. It can be screwed into the filter thread of my Sigma 16mm f/1.4 as soft as butter.

I tested the filter with the above-mentioned lens on my Canon EOS M6 II. I appreciate this combination for the particular sharpness in the imaging performance, and even with the ND filter and appropriately adjusted shutter speeds, I get wonderfully sharp images with daylight with the intended motion blur. I don't see any distortions in terms of colors either, the same applies to chromatic aberrations in light sources. This filter really only swallows light.

Overall, I can therefore only give 5 stars, the filter and the scope of delivery are convincing. 180€ is of course not a small amount for a filter, but quality at this level comes at a price.
I've already used ND filters from K&F in the past, so I wasn't surprised by the quality compared to newbies. The filters allow sharp focus without limitations. Thanks to the really extremely thin glass and the thin frame, there are no clouding or dark areas at the edges.

Small brackets are implemented on the frame so that if you want to readjust, you don't have any fingers in the picture.

The whole thing is rounded off by a nice leather pouch for storage. Absolutely great overall!
Very much up to the expectations of a K&F filter. Nicely made, thin brass frame. No observed color cast in images nor distortions. Comes well packaged and includes a soft carry case.
Nicely made, clear optics Nicely made, clear optics Nicely made, clear optics Nicely made, clear optics Nicely made, clear optics
I've known K&F for a while now and have one or the other product from them (UV filter and camera backpack). For me, the brand was always technically good for me and was more in the mid-price segment.
But now they want to know and are entering the high-class sector.

An ND filter reduces incoming light. In the case of this ND1000 around 10 stops. This makes it ideal for long exposures and to “artificially” extend them. Especially when it comes to moving processes such as rivers, waterfalls, road traffic and others, beautifully smooth flows can be achieved.

The filter comes beautifully packaged and is really fun to unpack. Anyone who loves unboxing will enjoy this to the fullest.
The filter comes in a fabric/leather bag. Very nice in itself, but in my opinion, a filter is richer in the well-known plastic cases.
The inside of the packaging can be converted into a “picture frame”. Joke idea but I think there are nicer ones.

But let's get to the filter itself. Here I also have to say again that the performance matches the price and is absolutely justified.
Clean workmanship, both on the filter thread and on the glass.
The filter is easy and easy to turn on and remove again.
No comparison to cheap filters.
The glass is of the best quality and its optical performance is indistinguishable from other ND filters from well-known competitors.
This gives you uniform darkening over the entire image without loss of quality or any color casts.

In summary, this is a very good filter in terms of its quality and optical performance. It has weak points in the somewhat loose fixation in the storage bag, which costs half a star.
However, we are still rounded up to a full 5 stars and a buy recommendation.
K&F now also in the high-class segment, first-class optical quality K&F now also in the high-class segment, first-class optical quality K&F now also in the high-class segment, first-class optical quality K&F now also in the high-class segment, first-class optical quality
Another high quality pro grade filter from K&F Concept.

Extra slim filter, with a consistent ND1000 density. No color shift or optical aberrations.

Filter threads smoothly onto my lens.

Comes with a nice protective storage case and microfiber cleaning wipes.

High quality ND1000 filter. High quality ND1000 filter. High quality ND1000 filter.
I was offered this filter for testing and, of course, took advantage of the opportunity.

I've been doing photography and nature photography for over 2 decades now, which is why I've already used a few filters.

These types of filters, i.e. gray filters or black filters, are used to increase the exposure time during the day.
A longer exposure time is used, for example, to make the flow of liquids softer, the same applies to cloud movements under changing lighting conditions or, as I often use, during thunderstorms during the day, to photograph lightning.

Of course, there are also much cheaper filters, but these usually have a blue tinge or falsify the color rendering or influence the depth of field.

In turn, there are also much more expensive filters.
If you use high-quality filter systems, for example, the filter glasses can cost twice as much as this filter here.
However, these are then not objectively dependent (scope). These are then inserted into a frame that is attached to the respective lens.
However, this makes the application a bit more complex and if such a window breaks during use or transport, it is extremely annoying.

This filter here is simply free of criticism when it comes to photography. I really can't make a point of criticism, but that should also be the case with the price.
It can be easily unscrewed and unscrewed, has no blue tinge or other color irritations and the depth of field is also perfect.

The package also includes a leather case with magnetic closure and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
As a little gimmick, you can convert the packaging into a small photo frame by attaching an enclosed piece of cardboard to the back.

Visually, haptically and technically, this filter does not allow any points of criticism and the yet impressive price is reasonable in this case, when considering market competition.
Very high-quality filter, at an appropriate price Very high-quality filter, at an appropriate price Very high-quality filter, at an appropriate price
Filter is great quality and the price was perfect
Great filter
..., that's the best way to describe the filter.

I've been taking pictures myself for over 15 years and professionally too. I already had one or the other filter in my hands privately for landscape (polarization filter, ND filter, graduated filter), but I usually didn't spend more than 50-80 € on it. It simply wasn't worth more to me. I was able to request this ND1000 here for testing and I was quite shocked by the price. 200€ for a 77mm ND filter, I was curious what to expect.


- I was already surprised by the packaging. It comes in a kind of cardboard box, which then contains the leather case, a microfiber cloth and the filter. Even then everything looked very high-quality. As for the packaging, I have to say that K&F has come up with something great. In fact, you can convert the packaging into a picture frame. Instructions and material are included. I think that's a great idea. Although only a square photo fits in, I still think it was well thought through.
- The leather case is also of high quality and protects the filter perfectly.
- The filter itself is well made. It is easy to screw into the filter thread, has special spots on the outside edge for more grip and fits perfectly.
- I couldn't find any vignetting during testing because the edge of the filter is very thin.
- I can't fault anything else with the imaging performance, but I couldn't fault anything about my previous cheaper filters either.


- The included microfiber cloth could have been saved. Unfortunately, this does not match the high-quality rest. It is so thin that you can look through it.

The filter is not cheap, but it is made of really high quality. I can recommend him.
The K&F Concept Nano-X PRO series neutral density filter with 77mm lenses impresses across the board. This starts when you unpack it from the elegant packaging, where the actual filter is stored in an additional leather bag, robust and safe.

The screw thread on the solid brass frame is cleanly machined and the filter can be easily placed on the lens. The adjustment ring is easy to grip and you can easily switch between the 10 glare levels. The advantage of a neutral density filter is obvious, as it reduces the light required for a shot and gives you better results, especially with long exposures.

Workmanship, quality and benefits are impeccable. Top!
This neutral gray filter, which darkens an incredible 10 f-stops, is visually and mechanically a masterpiece. The brass mount is unique, this filter won't eat into your lens thread as easily as many other filters with a light metal frame. This is a great sign of quality, although it also results in a higher weight, of course.

The glass is highly coated with several layers, which is why there are virtually no reflections, meaning that the image does not deteriorate noticeably when using the filter. That is also very good and is by no means self-evident with all filters.

The filter not only has great quality features, but also an eye-catching price. One requires the other. For the quality offered, the price is actually completely reasonable. If you need a neutral gray filter, you can also find what you are looking for from manufacturers of inferior filters for a tenth of this price. However, which quality you prefer is entirely up to your discretion.