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The package arrived today, I ordered it, well, because I wanted to look for something in the washing machine, it doesn't matter.
Look at the photos packaging was broken, SHOCK !!!!!!! Luckily, unpacked everything is fine PUH, employed and positively surprised, the display is big enough, you can adjust the brightness, the LEDs on the camera can also be made brighter and darker, the resolution is also okay.. A larger test will be carried out on the car soon.. Otherwise I would
able one do
Borescope Inspection Camera Borescope Inspection Camera Borescope Inspection Camera Borescope Inspection Camera Borescope Inspection Camera
This is an updated review. When I ordered the 3.9mm endoscope I received a product with an 8mm diameter tip as shown in my first photo and left a 1 star review claiming that the product information was misleading were.

The seller contacted me and offered to send me a replacement, believing that someone on their side had shipped the wrong item. I have received the replacement and I am very pleased to say that the endoscope is indeed 3.9mm in diameter at the tip as described in the product information. My second photo shows that. Many thanks to the seller for the excellent customer service.

I haven't had much chance to use the endoscope, but after just looking through the menu and playing with it a bit, I think it's a pretty good device and has a lot of useful features. I like that you can add a timestamp to the photo itself. Most importantly, this is one of the few endoscopes available with a tip diameter of approximately 4mm. Almost all the others I've seen browsing are 8mm or larger.

Note that in the photo of the menu screen (third photo), I haven't removed the screen protector yet.
Really 3.9mm in diameter Really 3.9mm in diameter Really 3.9mm in diameter
My first endoscope camera and I'm really happy. I think it's a great device with many possible uses for the hobby area. As a hobby mechanic on cars, I can now find lost small parts in the built-in engine compartment without jacking up the vehicle and removing the annoying underpanels. I can finally take a first look at my engines without removing the cylinder head. The camera quality is sufficient to even recognize the cross-hatch and larger grooves in the cylinder wall. The valve seat and the valves of a 1.3 liter engine are also easy to inspect.
Conclusion: great value for money! Meets and exceeds all of my expectations. Would I buy again!
Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money! Great value for money!
We wanted to photograph our newts underwater and that is the cheapest method. For €80 it's a lot of fun. Due to the fixed focal length, you naturally have a lot of unsharp rejects. But you can turn on the light downstairs. And animals that are interested in everything swim after the camera. It's worth it.
having fun in the pond having fun in the pond having fun in the pond having fun in the pond having fun in the pond
I bought this endoscope for inspecting sewer lines in the building. The aim was to visually inspect the pipes with a camera. The laid KG sewage pipes DN 100mm show urinary stone deposits due to the calcareous water. I bought a 5 meter long camera probe. The semi-rigid camera probe is difficult to control, with a lot of attempts I took some photos. I repeatedly bent the camera probe and dipped it in the opposite direction into the sewer pipe for inspection. (with patience and tricky) Also tried to create suitable photos with flow direction. Orientation is difficult because you don't know where up and down is. After a short immersion in the tube, the lens was immediately dirty and blind. The lens on the side is good, this helped with the photo creation. Since purchasing it, I have used the camera many times. The purchase was worth it. For my application, I was lucky to have bought an endoscope with two lenses. I suspect any other endoscope with just one lens would have been blinded by the dirt. The picture quality is sufficient.
Good because two lenses camera Good because two lenses camera Good because two lenses camera
Great HD pictures. Use it for MX in my cars and planes. The pictures are from a Volvo engine. The K&F Concept endoscope is very easy to use. Arrives on a charge that lasted about 30 minutes on/off.
Great endoscope for the price Great endoscope for the price
An industrial endoscope, digital boroscope inspection camera 1080P is supplied.
The delivery consists of the camera endoscope, the instructions for use, 1 charging cable, a magnet and a side mirror.

First of all, the camera part has to be charged using the USB cable, a power supply unit is not included. The endoscope is then switched on. If you want to save the pictures, you need a small micro SD memory card, which is not included in the scope of delivery. But just switching it on is enough to view it, the images are transferred directly to the camera display. You insert the cable where you want to get a view, it's not that easy, but unlike other endoscopes, this semi-rigid cable can be guided quite well and doesn't wobble too much back and forth.

Once the cable has found its resting point, the image is sharp enough, definitely enough to be able to see details. I also like that this endoscope works independently of the phone and an app. In any case, the battery works long enough to get a picture of the situation in peace, about 4 hours.

In contrast to other endoscopes tested, I am very satisfied with the handling and the images.

Value for money is reasonable.
Clear view, good pictures and works without an app!
I bought the camera to see the cavities (door sills) etc. on my Audi 100 Avant C4 built in 1991 and what can I say the pictures speak for themselves.
Great pictures Great pictures Great pictures Great pictures
The endoscope has met the expectations.
The steerable tip allows a much better orientation to the areas to be examined. No comparison with the "inexpensive" easily bendable endoscopes.

Resolution is top
brightness OK
Battery life is great

Highly recommended for ambitious hobbyists.
All expectations met
Very handy and user-friendly device and does what it is supposed to do. I used it here to inspect car valves and pistons.
Great value for money!