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K&F contacted me to test the new Black Mist filter.
It is a filter designed for videos and to give a "vintage" touch to the final result.
In short: beautiful result even for photography. It is a useful filter for portraits or for landscape or storytelling reportage. You do not lose sharpness and you get a much less "shot" light that also expands in the shaded area.
It is a filter to be used in photography with large apertures and which "tells" an atmosphere.

But let's start from the beginning.
Packaging / handling: In addition to the plastic box, the filter is inserted in a very resistant and protective snap-on case. The filter is screw-type (rightly because it was created for videomakers and in any case up to a diameter of 82). I would have preferred a cardboard box. But the case that you can see in the photo (the round one) is very useful and sturdy. The filter is resistant and fits well to all the lenses to which I have mounted it.

Technical review:
It has no dominant details, so it leaves the colors similar to the photo taken without a filter. Great!
It does not lose light, there is no need to increase the ISO when it is mounted. Great!
The sharpness in the details (and here comes the beauty) remains almost unchanged. You DO NOT lose sharpness in the areas in focus even if I would not use it in ultra-defined landscape photography, but for a storytelling, outdoor or portrait set absolutely yes.
Autofocus is unaffected by the filter, at least not on the Nikon D750 with fixed lenses.

Usage / Effect: it is a filter that gives a “glow” effect to photos, very particular especially for videos and for portraits in harsh light or backlight.
The highlights are dimmed but without becoming dull, moreover the light "enters" the shadows, giving a very soft "glow" effect. Great for portraits or to give a more dreamy atmosphere, it removes clarity from the image in high contrast areas.

In the photos you can see a couple of unfiltered / filtered comparisons, two portrait photos set and what comes to you.

Result in short: it is a filter that you do not think can enter your kit, but when it does it has such a particular result that you would try it in any situation. A must try!
K&F black mist filter - FABULOUS K&F black mist filter - FABULOUS K&F black mist filter - FABULOUS K&F black mist filter - FABULOUS K&F black mist filter - FABULOUS K&F black mist filter - FABULOUS K&F black mist filter - FABULOUS
I’ll be honest up front, I ordered this mistaking it for an ND filter, I’ve decided to keep this though as I really like the effect it produces.

I’ve been getting into landscape photography and wanted an Nd filter but ordered this by mistake, after having a play and wanting to eventually push into portrait I decided to give it a try.

The results are surprising good, it adds a nice glow to bright light sources that give the images some warmth.

The filter is presented in a lovely case with rubber wedges inside that hold the filter in place so it doesn’t slip around.

I can see me using this for product photography and portraits and so far have really enjoyed it

- nice glow
- gives images a warmer feel
- excellent storage case

- none ( although keep in mind you may need to adjust exposure times slightly due to very minimal tint )
Great Filter Great Filter Great Filter Great Filter
Ich habe ein paar Artikel von dieser Firma gekauft und sie waren alle von guter Qualität. Sie sind noch nicht in der Spitzengruppe, aber vielleicht eines Tages.
Favoring shooting to post-processing, I tried this filter with the only lighting of an electric garland and the rendering was good, the light from the garland is diffuse and softer.
Can't wait to use it for night video when the restrictions are lifted.
Challenge met! Challenge met!
Great filters from K&F. I lean towards using the 1/8th. Over the 1/4 but everyone is different. Not sure why the case has to be that big though. Its noticiable in your camera bag/Nanuk case.
Quality K&F Filters Quality K&F Filters Quality K&F Filters
If you’re looking for some good quality black diffusion filters, it’s hard to beat K&F Concepts at this price point. The quality of materials, fit and finish. And overall clarity and effects of this product, provides a fantastic way to add a great tool to your photography toolbox.

At the time of me writing this, many people have already described these filters abilities and what you can get out of them, so I’m not going to get into any of that. I will however agree with the abilities of these two lenses and say that I’ve found them to achieve exactly what I hoped for and with a clarity and quality you’d expect.

Overall, this product is made very well, it fits perfect on my lens and does a fantastic job at what it’s intended to do. If you would like to add the abilities of black diffusion filters to your bag of tricks, this is a great choice that I highly recommend for this price point.

I have included some pictures and video to help show the quality of the product. I hope you found this information to be helpful in your decision.
Great quality black diffusion filters that fit perfect and provide great effects. Great quality black diffusion filters that fit perfect and provide great effects. Great quality black diffusion filters that fit perfect and provide great effects. Great quality black diffusion filters that fit perfect and provide great effects.
Pictures are with and without the 1/4 mist!
Perfect for all types of photography! Perfect for all types of photography!
I think people are sleeping on these K&F diffusion filters. I have been using these for some time and I have been really impressed with them. In fact I see little difference between these and the Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters that cost a heck of a lot more. I mean think about it...these are diffusion filters. They aren't supposed to be perfect. They are meant to give your image a softer look by diffusing the light a bit. They provide some nice bloom to the highlights as well.

The 1/8 strength filter is a great all around filter that I use for a lot of my shoots. I only go to the 1/4 strength one when I am looking for that really dreamy look.
A great set of diffusion filters A great set of diffusion filters A great set of diffusion filters
These black diffusion filters are fantastic for giving a softer appearance to photos and portraits. I use them with a mirrorless camera and love experimenting with the 1/4 and 1/8 filters for different effects. They fit my lens perfectly and they feel like they're high quality. The cases they come with are nice as well. I recommend them for sure.
Exactly what I expected Exactly what I expected Exactly what I expected Exactly what I expected
The K&F Concept Black Diffusion are excellent examples of a filter type that's a little misunderstood by some people, I think, as to what it can accomplish and do. The filters come in various strengths, and at the strong end of the range can produce results that look like diffusion. That might be useful sometimes for still photography. But the real use for these filters is at lower strength (1/8 and 1/4) for video. When used that way they can both subtly reduce contrast, reduce highlight burn and smooth skin. They won't work miracles. But if your scene is well lit and involves a person speaking to the camera or otherwise being face on to the camera these filters can subtly smooth skin and reduce imperfections. The effect is more noticeable with video shot using log profiles and gamma, to be graded in post production, but shows results even with standard color and camera profiles. I have a whole set of these filters in various sizes just for shooting face to camera subjects, talking heads, etc. There are several manufacturers making variations on this type of filter but the K&F Black Diffusion filters have been outstanding.