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This filter works great for portraits. The filter softens the edges and details of the image without sacrificing image quality.
it is a little different when talk about the effect. Also easy to install and uninstall. Overall quality seems good to me. Like the combo.
Easy to install work as expected Easy to install work as expected Easy to install work as expected Easy to install work as expected
So I think a lot of folks involved in video product are very familiar with the Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters. This is K&F's version of that filter. I will go into what I think about the filter but you can also judge for yourself in one of the pictures in this review where I show you the same image; the first without the filter then with the filter.

One of the results you get with a filter of this type is blooming of the highlights. This filter does quite a good job of that. Comparing the bloom to the Tiffen line I would say it falls between Tiffen's 1/2 and 1/4 strength with it being closer to the 1/4. The highlight fall of was strong but natural in my opinion. Keep in mind the light in the image fills the frame so you are seeing this particular effect of this filter at it's most extreme. You won't see that much blooming in a more natural setting. Take a look at the highlights on the camera. To me the K&F filter had a great effect on the highlight roll off which was very smooth.

The other effect you get with a black mist filter is the slightly reduced contrast and the slight softening of the shadows. To me I thought this filter did this quite well. If you look at the texture on the handle of the camera in the image you can see how it's just sort of softened that texture. Imagine shooting a person and you can imagine how much you would be able to smooth out the skin.

It also comes in a nice little screw together plastic case. Inside the case are these little rubber stopper than prevent the filter from sliding around in the case. I love the attention to detail here.

So compared to the Tiffen version of this lens at the size I got which was 82mm the K&F Black Mist is about $40 cheaper. I think you are getting a lot of value for your money here. I can't wait to try out this filter on some upcoming shoots.

I think K&F is making a move into higher end filters and if this filter is an example of the kind of quality they can produce, I can't wait to see what filter they release next.
I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter! I was super impressed with this diffusion filter!
I got these for my Sony 35mm f/1.4 lens on the Sony A7IV. The images from this setup is always sharp and that is not always the goal. So these filters come in handy to dial it down a bit. Depending on the scene you will need to increase or decrease the intensity of the softness introduced hence the two options which are my go to anyway. Great value product.
Nice nice nice! Nice nice nice! Nice nice nice! Nice nice nice! Nice nice nice! Nice nice nice! Nice nice nice!
This set of camera lens filters are of excellent quality. I am very much an amateur and have only limited experience using filters and that was years ago when I was taking a couple of B&W photography courses with a 35 mm film camera. I do have two DSLR camera & lens kits which I have been experimenting with and when I saw these lenses I wanted to try them out. I am not as familiar with the Japanese-made glass used in these filters as I am with the German-made glass in the lenses and filters I used to have, but the optical quality of this AGC glass and the coatings seems to be top-notch. The filters are thin, light and strong, + they are also very clear with no imperfections noticeable to the naked eye. The light transmittance is very good, so even though I am diffusing the light, there is still enough. I really appreciate that this set includes both the 1/8 and 1/4 lens filters. I ordered the 58 mm version for my Nikkor zoom lens and both filters fit perfectly. i like that both of the filters have the external threads so I can also attach another filter over or under the one I am using. I haven't done that yet as I am still exploring what type of images I can get just using one or the other of the filters in this kit. The cases are very nice, as well -- they feel strong & sturdy. The current price of $69.99 for two lens filters seems very reasonable, and I will definitely look for this brand when I'm ready to try other types of filters.
I think people are sleeping on these K&F diffusion filters. I have been using these for some time and I have been really impressed with them. In fact I see little difference between these and the Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters that cost a heck of a lot more. I mean think about it...these are diffusion filters. They aren't supposed to be perfect. They are meant to give your image a softer look by diffusing the light a bit. They provide some nice bloom to the highlights as well.

The 1/8 strength filter is a great all around filter that I use for a lot of my shoots. I only go to the 1/4 strength one when I am looking for that really dreamy look.
A great set of diffusion filters A great set of diffusion filters A great set of diffusion filters
Diffusion filters are a great tool for softening skin and "blooming" highlights. They can minimize the "digital video" look and yield a "cinematic" (sorry, I have to use that term) quality to otherwise overly sharp images. Unlike the old, messy trick of smearing grease on a clear lens, mist filters will retain detail while also softening. Seems contradictory, but once you try it you will see what I mean. The effect can dramatic in high contrast lighting with practical lights (visible in frame). The effect is less visible in flat lighting, but can still be effective.

Unlike neutral density filters, black mist diffusion filters typically do not impose a color cast. From my testing, the K&F Concept filters are neutral and work very well, especially for the price. The 1/8 is fairly subtle, and holds detail well. The 1/4 is stronger and what I would most likely try first, but does obscure some fine details. Note that diffusion tends to become more pronounced when shooting with a longer lens, or small aperture. So, testing and a good monitor is always necessary.

These filters have a nice grip to the outer ring, which makes installation and removal easy. They are threaded on the front if you decide to stack other filters in front. They also ship in a nice cary case, although I transport my collection of filters in a large filter organizer.

For the price, these filters are a great value, and well worth having in any videographer's tool kit.
Nice filter. Definitely comes handy in certain situations. Great for sharp lenses especially with no character. This adds some mood to it. It’s nice to have, looks well made and o love that I can apply to a lens and still be able to use the lens cover over the filter when not in use. I use it on my Sony 18-105 f/4 and the sigma 18-35 f/1.8 and am quite happy with the result. In my images the last image is the one without the filter, hopefully you can get an idea what it does.
Nice to have filter. Nice to have filter. Nice to have filter. Nice to have filter.
People often ask me what my secret is for the warm look of my educational videos. Well, the 1/8th filter is it.

I have been using diffusion and mist filters for years and when I needed to get a full time diffusion filter for my two 77mm lenses, I didn’t want to pay the exorbitant prices of the bigger name brands. Having used other K&F filters and being satisfied with the quality, I thought I’d give these a shot.

I’m glad I did. These are at least as good and perhaps even better than the others I have. The 1/8 diffuses lights and specular highlights with a very pleasing, subtle softness. It also smooths the face a bit and makes small blemishes, wrinkles, and imperfections barely noticeable. It is a subtle filter versus the 1/4.

The 1/4 is of the same quality, but a far more intense effect. I’m glad I have it and have had a chance to use it on multiple occasions for creative, dreamy shots. That said, the 1/8 is a workhorse and I use it all the time.

If you’re considering these versus the more expensive brands, worry not. These are excellent and get the job done.
Very well protected filters, they adhere to the lens perfectly. Recommended